"After nearly two months of going back and forth as to which pretreater to buy (Viper or Lawson) I decided to pull the trigger and buy the Lawson Zoom XL and even though it's only been a week I couldn't be happier.

The guys over at Lawson, especially David, were extremely helpful in answering all my questions before I bought and have not dodged any of my calls or emails even after they took my money - like lot's of other companies do these days.

The Zoom XL is one of the more expensive models they carry but it also has some extra bells and whistles worth the extra money, and when you compare it to the Viper One, which feels and looks like a toy compared to the Zoom XL, the $700.00 difference in cost is well worth it.

I know I made the right call going with Lawson and I highly recommend them if you're in the market for a pretreater. I know Lawson will always give great customer service for many years to come"

Nader Sherif
Think It Ink It
Las Vegas, NV