The Lawson Mustang vs. the M&R Saturn

(As of: August 16, 2005)
Substantial Differences between the Lawson Seneca and the M&R Saturn:

1) No Air is Required to operate the Lawson Mustang. The Saturn can not operate with a separately supplied air source. This means that an air-compressor is required.

2) Lawson's unique Up-Front/Direct-Action Peel System is easier to adjust, more convenient and more accurate (M&R's is awkwardly placed under a cover at the rear of the press). You can see and measure the exact amount of peel desired. All adjustments are stepless and Lawson's one knob system automatically adjusts and balances all sides.

3) Lawson's Wide Rail/Head Width (48" on the 2538 & 3040 model units) provides a more stable and balanced head and carriage design that consequently allows for more uniform squeegee/flood pressure. It also provides easier screen access for more convenient registration, ink loading and screen cleaning. (The M&R Saturn's rail width is only 28").

4) The Lawson Mustang is much Less Expensive.

5) The Lawson Mustang is a Simpler press to set-up, operate and maintain.

6) Intuitive Control Box on the Lawson Mustang is easier to operate and no special training is required.

7) Etched Registration Locator Grid for the centering and moving the registering table will never be "eaten away" by solvents or wear (M&R uses a screen printed decal).