Pre-Treat Service Bulletins

A Lawson Pre-Treat Service Bulletin

Pre-treat select

Please advise your operator and/or maintenance staff that it is critical to flush the pretreat fluid from all supply lines, and the in-line filter, Once Each Week!

This is very easy to do, and is the identical procedure that users do every day - the only difference is that you take off the pretreat solution canister and replace it with the distilled water canister - and then Purge with the Tip/Nozzle Removed - That's right, REMOVE the Tip when you perform this function.

Purge the Entire 2-Quart Can - which means you'll need to use a gallon bucket to catch all the solution/water and crystallized salts that will be expelled. This weekly procedure will flush most of the salt/crystal sediment that builds-up and eventually clogs the fittings and nozzle tip, and eventually will damage some of the spray head components.

Pressure Settings
It is very important to also set the operating psi between 45 - 55. (The most popular PSI setting for most customers has been 50) This will actually produce a slightly wider and more consistent spray pattern.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure or new psi settings, please call David at 314-382-9300.

Lawson's Pre-Treat Nozzle/Tip Alignment Tool - Now Available

Tip Alignment Tool

This easy-to-use and inexpensive tool will ensure that you are spraying your pretreat solution squarely across the platen. Every time you install a spray tip, you must align the tip, so it is straight.

Instead of using your hand, a wrench or pliers (which can actually damage the tip) and trying to visually inspect the position of the slit in the spray tip, simply align the tool and milled line. The Alignment Tool provides a visual target to properly align the tip-to-the-platen. It will also help you to insert and change between various tips quickly and easily.

What could be easier than using this tool? Don't stress your fingers, your back or eyes any longer - take the worry out of tip alignment.

Only $19.95 (Item #945-116-0-EA). Call your Dealer for more information or to place an order.

NEVER use pliersto tighten the tip - over-tightening will damage the packings and using a pliers will strip the housing metal.

The Lawson Pre-Treat Select

Pre-Treat Select

The Lawson series of Pre-Treat machines are the number one selling spray devices in the marketplace today.

A combination of features, reliability and support are driving this reality.

The dealers who sell and support the Pre-Treat Select and Pre-Treat Express sprayers are the best the Direct-to-Garment industry has to offer. We thank you for your continued input and support!


protect the spray head
Protect the Spray Head

Remember to keep in-stock these Fluid Post Filters (#945-507-8-EA). Remember these should be replaced on a regular basis, depending on how much you use your Pre-Treat unit. The price is only $3.95 each.

protect the tip
Protect the Tip

Daily purging with distilled water is required for any spray head that is used that day! Remember the salts in all pretreat solutions cause clogging of the spray tips/nozzles. There is no warranty on tips/nozzles.

Air-Pressure Regulator

Important Technical Update:
We are now suggesting that users set their Air Pressure to at least 48 psi. We find that in most situations this provides a more even & consistent spray.

Spray Tips/Nozzles

Spray Tip Nozzles
Remember we have many different spray tips/nozzles for various applications: we offer different widths (40,65,80,85,90) and different sizes (01 & 03) that allow for greater or lesser amounts of fluid to be deposited. Call David (314-382-9300) for more information regarding this subject.

We strongly recommend you have a variety of tips/nozzles - so you can be ready for a greater variety of spraying applications.

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