Why Buy an Encore Conveyor Dryer

Encore Glamour Shot lens corrected2


Why Buy An Encore Converyor Dryer

David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products, talks about the many benefits of the Lawson Encore Conveyor Dryer. First off, this this screen printing machine is small enough that it only requires two people to pick it up and carry it. It comes with a direct drive DC controlled drive motor on the conveyor system. The Encore unit is fully insulated and saves on energy. The top is removable without disconnecting any wires, and offers system 2 jet air in addition to color-blind infrared panels. The Encore Textile Conveyor Dryer comes with 2 individual temperature zone controls ,adjustable entrance and exit height, adjustable heating elements, and can angle the elements to do 3-D. The conveyor belt is teflon coated and Lawson offers 4 point tracking system. The legs are removable and easy to move. All parts are covered for one year. To learn more call Lawson at 314-382-9300 or get details from the Lawsonsp Encore Dryer page

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