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Why Buy A Digi-Star
Conveyor Dryer

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    The Digi-Star Dryer, a universal dryer unlike any other t-shirt conveyor dryer. This screen printing machine will cure almost any object. Not only does it offer adjustable heating element control, but also adjustable jet air height control.

    A very powerful dryer that can cure plastisol inks, water-base inks, and combination or hybrid ink systems such as acrylic, latex, or water-base. It can cure conventional solvent ink systems like vinyl, poster, and enamels. The temperature can adjust up to 395 degrees and offers a boom swivel control box. This equipment comes with the Lawson exclusive arrow belt tracking system, so you'll never worry about adjusting the belt!

    To learn more give us a call at 314-382-9300 or view lawsonsp.com

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