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Is a CTS Worth the Price

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    Do you find yourself asking if a CTS ( Computer to Screen) Machine worth the price? Is film no longer relevant? What does the future hold for film? David Landesman, co-president of Lawson Screen and Digital Products reviews the facts about CTS machines. CTS (Computer-To-Screen) machines initially cut the cost of film because film is unnecessary. Go straight from computer to a mesh screen printing frame. By removing the need for film, the image quality improves, and exposure times are dramatically reduced. The best part of a CTS is that images are instantly registered. Lawson Screen and Digital sells the best priced CTS machine on the market : The Lawson Focus- CTS . For only $16,995, the CTS Focus ships fully assembled and is a "plug and play" model. To inquire more information call us at 314-382-9300 or view our website at

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