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Why Buy A Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press

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    David Landesman highlights the many excellent qualities of the Lawson Mini-Trooper automatic screen printing press in this podcast segment.

    If your looking to dramatically increase production and reduce cost, but keep a consistent print this is the screen printing equipment for you. The Lawson Mini-Trooper is intuitive, east to set up, and easy to maintain. This press is like a large press, but more compact and reasonably priced.

    The Lawson Mini-Trooper's modular design allows positioning the print heads anywhere on the carousel, and comes with standard front and rear micro registration. The auto balance squeegee feature is a pressurizer adjuster that equalizes the squeegee so a crisp print from left to right always occurs. The Lawson Mini-Trooper can utilize manual or automatic mesh screen frames with its adjustable clamps. It uses standard 16" x 18" screen printing platen. Air is required.

    Lawson offers a 7 year registration warranty as well as free life-time training at the St. Louis location. The Lawson Mini-Trooper takes out any doubts about precise printing. To learn more about the Mini-Trooper give us a call at 314-382-9300 or read more at Lawson's Mini-Trooper Specification Page

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