Why Buy A Lawson Omega Gas Express Dryer

Lawson Omega Gas Express - Silk screen printing machine
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Omega Gas Express T-Shirt Dryer Shownotes

This podcast discusses the highlights of the Lawson Omega Gas Express Textile dryer, a highly unique screen printing dryer that runs on standard 120 volt plug-in wiring.

The Lawson Omega Gas Express is a compact gas dryer with a 24" or 36" belt width, and features Lawson's exclusive Arrow Belt Tracking System. This textile conveyor dryer uses a fuzzy logic digital temperature control, and features a fully insulated heat chamber with a hinge top for easy access to the inside chamber, and a powered exhaust.

The key features of The Omega Gas Express Textile Dryer include its price, convenience and the fact that it only needs standard plug-in 120 wiring!. This dryer can be used anywhere, including residential areas, because there are no large power requirements. Lawson's Gas Express only requires 120 volts, which means it can be plugged into a regular outlet, just connect your gas and go! And it is typically half the price of traditional gas dryers.

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