Coat Screen Frames with Ulano EZ-Film

The factory-controlled emulsion thickness ensures EZ-Film's exposure time is always the same (with the same mesh count).  EZ-Film-50 is ideal for mesh counts ranging from 86 - 156 threads/ inch (33 - 61 threads/cm.). EZ-FILM-30 is ideal for mesh counts ranging from 230 - 419 threads /inch (90 and 165/cm.). This film is designed for plastisol ink and should be used with non-aggressive solvent-based inks and mild wash-up solvents. Screen openers and aggressive solvents will make screen reclaiming more difficult. Ulano EZ-Film is available from Lawson's E-Store.

George Legh-Page form the Ulano Corporation stopped by Lawson Screen & Digital Products in St. Louis. In this video he discusses the ease of application of Ulano's new EZ-Film. This direct emulsion film lives up to its name, with its ease application onto screens. The additional benefits of this direct emulsion film include not having to deal with a liquid emulsion, and less risk of pin holes.



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