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Election Year Means Money for Appareal Decorators!

I live in a "swing state" and I am a female. For this election year, that means, my vote is one both candidates seek. In actuality, that means, my mailbox is full of direct mail flyers, the phone is constantly ringing and the TV ads are overwhelming.

The Daily Show recently showcased the screen print shop, Politically Punny. The owner, Amy Spetner Dougthy, is profiting from the battle for our presidency. She does it one shirt at a time, the racier the better. The Daily Show host Desi Lydic toured her shop commentating in between the printers and dryers (manufactured by Lawson Screen & Digital Products) as shirts roll off, are tagged and sold in St. Louis at rallys and on-line.

Politically Punny Screen Print Shop

Spetner Doughty says the controversy inspires her. She says, "with the internet, a computer and a sense of humor, she is thriving". According to Leila Kearney of Reuters', "In U.S. battle of election T-shirts, 'Nasty Woman' rules", traffic to, a website that allows users to create, sell and buy personalized T-shirts is also thriving. A 40 percent increase of onsite visitors during the second presidential debate and 120 percent increase in the third debate.

A controversial sound bite printed on a t-shirt, bucket hat or button, results in sales. Maheesh Jain of Cafe Press, another on-line printing company specializing in customization wearables, said her company had seen a direct link between the most merchandise sold and the candidate that won the election year. "Typically, whoever is winning in the sales column will win the election," Jain said.

If you are a savvy printer you can be winning too! Take advantage of this up coming Election Year.


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