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4 Ways to Maximize Direct-to-Garment Printing in Your Business

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing is an integral part of many printing shops. It has become extremely popular and invaluable to the garment decoration industry due to its practicality, speed, and efficiency. DTG is so versatile.

1. Promote the Customization
DTG has been adopted by screen printers, signs shops, and embroiders. There are even printing companies that only do DTG printing. Below are a few ways on how to maximize DTG in your business. Due to its popularity and high level of customization, DTG printed t-shirts can command a higher price than screen printed garments. Depending on your market, a DTG shirt can retail for an average of $20-$25. This mark-up is higher compared to screen printing jobs. Customers are willing to spend money on unique, well printed and durable shirts.

EPSON F2100 DTG Printer

2. Instant Product for Your Customer
The instant nature of DTG printing means that you can produce a finished product in just a couple of minutes. A customer can walk into your shop in the morning and walk out with their finished order shortly after. If it’s small enough, they can even wait in your shop and watch their item being made! With minimal set-up time, you can catch impulse and last minute buys. Shorter production times and on-demand capabilities also mean more happy customers.

3. No Need to Worry About Inventory
One awesome thing about using a DTG printer is you only need to stock blank shirts. This is especially true if you operate a retail store or an e-commerce store. By printing your shirts via DTG means you only need to print a design when a shirt sells. If a design is a dud, you don’t have excess inventory of that image. This keeps your money going towards t-shirts that are selling.

4. Ease Your Workflow
DTG printing can produce high-quality prints that are intricate, crisp, and vibrant. Your shirts will be stunning showstoppers. Everyone loves getting compliments on their cool t-shirt. Higher quality prints mean happier customers and people willing to spend more on the finished product. With DTG printing, you don’t have to worry about exposing and registering any screens, or making sure your conveyor dryer is properly set. Why not take advantage of an opportunity to minimize user error. Digital printers deliver much smaller amounts of ink to the substrate than traditional screen printing - giving your prints a higher resolution. These 4 benefits signify that DTG printing is only going to become more popular and more viable in the future.


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