Top 5 Reasons to Get an Automatic

Top 5 Reasons to Get an Automatic Screen Printing Machine

One of the biggest investments you can make in your screen printing business is an automatic screen printing machine. Making the jump from a manual t-shirt printing press to an automatic will give you instant results. You will be able to print more t-shirts quicker and with greater consistency. There are so many reasons that adding an automatic printing machine to your shop is a great idea that we had to narrow it down to our favorite top 5 reasons.

Consistency - Every screen printer can manually produce a couple of dozen good looking t-shirts. Really good screen printers can be consistent with their prints until about lunch. After that, the consistency from print to print and shirt to shirt suffers. Admit it, even the best of us get tired. Those heavy arms and sore wrists lead to inconsistent squeegee pressure anddifferent squeegee angles. This adds up to problems when examining the final product. With one of Lawson’s automatic garment printing presses, you will get the perfect screen print every single time. On a Lawson automatic, you get more control over the print and flood angle, pressure and speed. This lets you get consistent screen printed shirts, whether you are printing 10 or 10,000 shirts.

No Skill Required - To print manually takes skill. You have to be conscious of so many things, such as your print angle, and squeegee pressure. Making sure you can replicate the same thing print over and over is a struggle for every printer. An automatic machine prints perfectly, every single time. The most critical thing an automatic press operator needs to do is make sure the shirt is put on properly (and we’re even working on automating that).

You Will Print Faster - Screen printing with an automatic is simply faster than printing by hand. A 4-color design prints 4 times faster and a 6-color job is sped up x6! The Lawson Mini-Max can easily print upwards of 250 shirts per hour, while the Mini-Trooper, Trooper and Trooper Express can print 1,000 t-shirts per hour. This production speed immediately increases your capacity to print more jobs and bigger runs. You won’t have to turn away work due to the limits of printing by hand.

Save Yourself Phusical Stress - Printing by hand is hard work. Standing all day, and pulling a squeegee can make you tired. Getting an automatic screen printing press relieves all of that. Imagine going home and actually having energy to have a life after work. You don’t have to be sore after a day of silk screen printing. Getting an automatic is the best lifestyle choice.

Labor Savings - An automatic screen printing press will become your best employee. It never calls in sick, or needs a break. It would be the the best addition to a growing shop, or the best way to grow your current shop.

These are just our top 5 reasons why adding an automatic to your screen printing shop would be the best decision ever made. Even better, choosing a Lawson Automatic Screen Press would mean investing in a reliable, long lasting machine and service support, because at Lawson Screen & Digital Products we believe in Making it Simple. We will be here for you for all of your questions and concerns.Don't believe us? Just check out what others have said about us on our Testimonials page.


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