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Five Tips for Stocking the Best Embroidery Thread Colors

Having the right embroidery thread in stock is important for anyone offering custom embroidery services. Whether embroidery is your focus, or just an add on service to your main screen printing business, keeping the right thread and colors on the shelf is a key element for customer satisfaction. Being able to start a job right away (don’t forget backings and bobbins) allows for quick turn around times and provides your customers with greater options. Here are five important machine embroidery thread stocking tips so you will win the next embroidered order.

1. Make sure you always have white and black thread in store. These two colors are the most popular thread colors. Consider getting black and white polyester embroidery thread in the King XL size. These spools are 11,000 yards (over 10,000 meters), so you won’t be changing the thread as often. Polyester threads are preferable because they break less, minimizing your downtime.

2. Keep a general supply of primary and secondary colors in stock. A variety of colors appeals to your customers, even if it's just enough for a few small jobs. Having the colors on a shelf for your customers to see is a great visual reference of what to expect. You can always order more in their chosen color before starting their job if you do not have enough in stock.


3. Order colors based on you customer base. Keep a stock of colors that match local and regional sports teams, colleges/universities, and schools. Know when seasons start and when championships are coming up. This will let you be ready and market yourself as a quick turnaround shop.

4. Keep in mind that demand for certain colors can be seasonal. It is smart to have a good supply of red, green, silver, and gold sewing threads on hand around Christmas time, or pastel colors at Spring time. Metallic embroidery thread are always pleasing colors.

5. It is smart to know a local embroidery supplier near you in case you run into an issue. Shipping will be cheaper and faster (especially if they are close enough to pick-up from). Lawson offers free shipping on orders over $99 and flat rate shipping for all other embroidery supply orders. Pick up is also available.

Above all, know your customer base, adapt to their needs and ordering habits. Learning as you go and anticipating the needs of your customers is going to be the most beneficial game plan for your shop. You can do this by keeping an accurate inventory of your supplies, documenting your orders, and talking with your customers.


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