How to Effectively Use A Dip Tank

Dip Tank Family 1200x628 FB

The dip tank is an efficient and effective tool for all screen printers. They are also easy to use and integrate into your pre- and post-press screen printing process. The dip tank helps users realize efficiencies that are otherwise difficult to attain.

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How to Maximize (DTG) Production

Max DTG Efficiency

The goal of every direct-to-garment (DTG) and print shop is for their DTG production to run efficiently. No matter how big or small your DTG operation is, the key to maximizing production efficiency is planning.

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Preventing Ghost Images on T-Shirts

Ghosting FB

Imagine you receive a rush order from one of your regular clients. A school needs shirts for an upcoming playoff football game. They are a regular customer and your screen printing shop business is running a bit slow, so you take the job. You put in a few long days, print the entire large order, box them up, and have them out to your customer before the deadline.

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Adjust Your Winter Dryer Temperature

Adjust Dryer for Winter FB

For most of us across the country the cold winter months are here. The days are shorter and the temperatures outside keep dropping. As the season changes from spring-to-fall and fall-to-spring, customers are ordering different garments.

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4 Ways to Maximize DTG in Business

Maximum DTG

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing is an integral part of many printing shops. It has become extremely popular and invaluable to the garment decoration industry due to its practicality, speed, and efficiency. DTG is so versatile.

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Screen Printing Plastisol Ink FAQ's

Screen Printing Plastisol Ink FAQ

Learn how to store ink, save ink, and minimize "bleeding".Lawson Screen & Digital Products co-owner, David Landesman, answers some general knowledge questions about screen printing plastisol ink in this article.

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Effective Bidding Practices for Printers

Screen Print Bidding Practices

Most screen printers are always looking for new business opportunities. While there are multiple ways to bring in new screen printing business from direct sales or contract work, you should also look into expanding your client base. 

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How to Screen Print a Tote Bag with Ease

Screen Printing Tote Bags

Have you ever wanted to, or received a screen print a tote bag job and realized at the end that all of your images were upside down? Probably not, but I bet you may have ruined a bag or two when you were setting up to print.

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How to Flash Cure an Underbase Print

FlashCureUnit FB

The majority of orders a screen print shop gets is for black or dark t-shirts. Often, the customers want a bold white or vibrant colors to really pop off the dark colored garment. As a printer, an easy way to get vibrancy is to flash cure a white underbase. 

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Perfect DTG Print Starts with Pre-Treat

Weighing Your Pre Treat

When doing direct-to-garment (DTG) printing on dark garments an essential step is pre-treating. A “dark garment” basically means any shirt that is not white. This roughly equates to anytime you have to use white ink. 

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