Choosing the Best Conveyor Dryer

Tips to choosing Conveyor Dryer

There are a lot of different ways to dry screen printed t-shirts. While some screen printers start out just using a flash dryer or heat gun, this is a very slow way to cure garments. A conveyor dryer is necessary to increse production.

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Getting Your First Automatic

Guide to First Automatic

When you are a start-up screen printing shop, there are a lot of different equipment choices. Some people are on a shoestring budget and others want the premier screen printing equipment. Many screens printers start out with a manual printing press.

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The Screen Frame Making Cycle

Screen Print Frame FB

One of the most important steps in the screen printing process is creating a properly exposed screen print frame. A well developed frame will not break down while you’re on-press and printing your job. Read more in this article.

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How to Handle Too Thick Plastisol Ink

Ink Reducer DT Thinner

All plastisol inks will eventually start to thicken up and harden in their containers. There are several different reasons for this: the main reasons are fluctuation in shop temperature (cool temperatures naturally harden inks), and time sitting on a shelf.

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Print Your Own Heat Transfers

Heat Transfer Screen Print

Printing your own plastisol heat transfers can be a great option for screen print shops. When done properly, a plastisol heat transfer will have a similar wash fastness to a screen printed t-shirt. Screen printing your own heat transfer can also be cheaper.

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How to Effectively Use A Dip Tank

Dip Tank Family 1200x628 FB

The dip tank is an efficient and effective tool for all screen printers. They are also easy to use and integrate into your pre- and post-press screen printing process. The dip tank helps users realize efficiencies that are otherwise difficult to attain.

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Print Successfully with White Ink

Print With White Ink Successfully

Most screen printers prefer using plastisol ink as it is much easier to work with compared to other alternatives. For instance, plastisol ink can be left in the screen overnight (or even over the weekend), has an extremely long shelf life.

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How to Choose the Best Squeegees

Choose Best Screen Print Squeegee

Screen printers have lots of tools to work with when printing t-shirts. Whether you are into the fancy and indulgent screen printing supply items, or trend towards the necessary and low-cost, you have choices. Read more in this article.

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How to Maximize (DTG) Production

Max DTG Efficiency

The goal of every direct-to-garment (DTG) and print shop is for their DTG production to run efficiently. No matter how big or small your DTG operation is, the key to maximizing production efficiency is planning.

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