How to Satisfy Unhappy Clients

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One of the worst moments as a screen printer is the moment after a customer opens a box to find red shirts instead of orange ones, a glaring spelling error in their design, or adult sizes instead of the youth they ordered. 

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Choosing the Correct Mesh Count

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Choosing the correct mesh count for everyday screen printing is very important. The screen printing image award winners featured at shows or in trade magazines give considerable thought to it. Their specialty prints give us a target to aim for.

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Purchasing the Best Manual Press

Purchasing Screen Print Manual Press

When we opened our printing factory, we started out with an odd collection of cheap used machinery picked from auctions and hauled from dusty storage areas. We went to the big trade shows and window shopped, dreaming of the day when our screen printing shop could be upgraded.

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Legal Minute: New Labor Laws

Legal Minute

For the screen printer and small business owner these responsibilities often fall upon you. The multiple roles we small business owners fulfill include staying informed about changes in local, state, and federal laws.

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Q&A Session on D2 Printing with Taylor


Lawson's Screen and Digital Products' VP, Taylor Landesman, participated in a Q&A with Printwear about Direct-to-Garment (D2) printing for their Printwear Pauses: 5 Minutes with Taylor Landesman of Lawson Screen & Digital Products article. 

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Election Year: A Printer's Gold Rush

Screen Printers Gold Rush2

I live in a "swing state" and I am a female. For this election year, that means, my vote is one both candidates seek. In actuality, that means, my mailbox is full of direct mail flyers, the phone is constantly ringing and the TV ads are overwhelming.

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The Secret to Maximizing Profits


Conventional business wisdom is ruthless. It tells us to make no friends: that our competition is the enemy. Many traditional screen printers operated under this philosophy. They attempted to corner the decorated apparel market.

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White Plastisol Inks - Which One is Best?

White Plastisol Ink

Have you ever wondered which white plastisol ink is best for you and your current job? Lawson Screen & Digital Products would like to share a bit of knowledge we’ve learned over the past 68 years of screen printing.

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Set Up A 5 Color Print Job


Here at Lawson, we have put together some videos to show you how to register 5 color print jobs quickly. Watch Brian Lang set up a 5-color screen print job in under 5 minutes. In this video he uses the Lawson Registration System (SSR).

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Turn The Odd Iguana Into Repeat Sales

Odd Igunana

The sale actually occurs when your customer is thinking, "I really need to get a batch of shirts made for my Iguana Appreciation Club." But how do you bring that particular screen printing job into your shop and make them a repeat sale?

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