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Screen Printing Equipment Trade-In Trade-Up Program

One of the best ways to beat your competition, and get a profitable share of the market, is to have a well-organized shop with proper grament printing equipment. However, many shops suffer from growing pains when the new silk screen press out-runs the old conveyor dryer. The old dryer cannot keep up with the new press, or the old t-shirt press and old dryer cannot keep up with the amount of new business. Do not lose business because you hesitated to update your press or dryer because of prices or finances. Lawson now makes it easier to purchase new equipment with the Trade-In-Trade Up Equipment Trade Plan.

Take Advantage of The Lawson Exclusive Trade In-Trade Up Plan

You can use your old equipment as credit or a down payment when you Trade In-Trade Up to a new Lawson machine. This means that your new Lawson equipment will require less cash outlay, or, if you are financing, a smaller loan and less interest on the principal...lower monthly payments! It just makes sense to update your equipment in this convenient way. You will increase your quality and production at less cost per job.

Here is how the Trade In-Trade Up Plan works

Your Lawson screen printing machine is worth money, regardless of age or condition. The following chart will give you a rough idea of the trade-in value of your Lawson machine in good, working condition*.

Age% of Origianal Cost
1 year old 75% of the original cost
3 years old 30 to 50% of the original cost
5 years old 25 to 40% of the original cost
10 years old 15 to 25% of the original cost

We will accept trade-ins of other makes, but the value will be considerably less than for Lawson equipment. Please call us for a quote.

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