Virginia Printwear's Review of The Ajax-R

Virginia Printwear Customer Testimonial: Loving the Ajax In-Line Screen Reclaimer

Ajax In Line ReclaimerWhile most shop owners and employees agree that they have favorite tasks to accomplish, there are certain jobs everyone avoids. One of those screen printing jobs is cleaning and reclaiming screens. Screen reclaiming is considered a lowly job. We’ve all seen shops where the task is put off. The reasons might vary - employees assigned to cleaning and reclaiming screen printing frames tend to be unreliable or there is high turnover for the position. However, we recently caught up with Donna, of Virginia Printwear. She wanted to get control of her screen room and had heard about Lawson’s Ajax In-Line Screen Reclaimer. Knowing it won the SGIA Product of the Year Award last year she just had to try it for herself.

A veteran screen printer, Donna knows what it takes to succeed. Like many screen print shop owners, Donna started small and did everything herself. She knows there are always improvements out there and automation is key for any screen print shop to survive. She grew her business and added employees. Even after hiring an employee just for her screen room, it was still an area of her business where she wanted to reduce human error and fatigue. Her solution was trying out the Ajax In-Line Screen Printing Reclaimer for herself.


Best of all, after hours of cleaning screens, Donna said she “wasn’t even tired!”

Needless to say, Donna was impressed. The featured pinch-roller system is so easy to learn that she mastered the Ajax-R Screen Printing Reclaimer within her first 5 screens. Donna noticed the Ajax-R was “twice as fast and half as messy,” commenting how it totally cleaned and degreased her screen in about 80 seconds. Compared with manually reclaiming screens, Donna estimated she could clean 4 screen printing frames with the Ajax-R to every 1 that got cleaned manually in her shop.

Check out the video below for more of Donna’s awesome reaction to the Ajax-R Screen Printing Reclaimer.


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