• Olite Metal-Halide Exposure Lamps - Pre-Press & Auxiliary Exposure Units

Olite Metal-Halide Exposure Lamps

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High speed, high resolution UV free-standing metal halide lamps with exceptional intensity range, even light coverage at short distance and energy saving standby feature. No maintenance Rotary Shutters and computer designed reflectors.

High output with low energy consumption, and power exhaust plus servo cooling for longer lamp life. Programmable/digital light integrator is combined with three (3) levels of light/power intensity.

Available in 5000 watt and 8000 watt models

Standard Features

  • Energy Efficient
  • Stand-By Power Mode
  • Tri-Power/Intensity Selector
  • Digital Light Integrator
  • Point-Light Source
  • Special Reflector
  • Compact Design
  • Two-Year Limited Parts Warranty

Optional Features

  • Floor Stand
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Replacement Bulb


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