Ajax InLine Screen Developer

Ajax In-Line Screen Developer

The Ajax In-Line offers superior work-flow production, as this unit is a full automatic - simply place your frame on the in-feed track and it comes out the exit fully developed. The Ajax will help revolutionize your screen rinse/developing department. Process up to 350 screens per/shift (process/developing times vary based on emusion). Rinse/Develop your screen (i.e. remove all unexposed emulsion) quickly and easily. Approximate cycle time is only 60 - 90 seconds!

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Develop a Superior Mesh Screen

    The Lawson Ajax In-Line Developer is ideal for all garment printing size screen frames up to 25" x 36" O.D.

    The Lawson Ajax In-Line increases productivity, reduces labor costs and minimizes employee exposure to a messy job. It takes the dirty job of developing screens and makes it much more productive and consistent.

    NO Air-Required - this is an all-electric system.

    Made In The U.S.A.

  • Standard Features

    • All Stainless Steel Construction
    • All Electric Control System
    • Integrated Safety System
    • Multiple Pressure Jet Nozzles
    • Easy Side In-Line Loading
    • Automatic Water/Emulsion Filtration System
    • Backlite Inspection Sink
    • Self-Draining Tracks
    • Clean Any Screen up to 26" Tall x Any Length
    • Low-Maintenance
    • 1-Year Parts Warranty
    • 120 Volt; Plug-In Wiring

    Optional Features

    • Optional Explosion Proof Wiring and Control Box
    • Extra Long In-Feed or Exit Track
    • View Detailed Specifications

      Estimated Max Production 200 per shift
      Overall Estimated Length 106 inches
      Overall Estimated Depth 33 inches
      Overall Estimated Height (floor to top) 77 inches
      Electrical Requirements: Developer 120 volts; Reclaimer: 220 volts; 1-Phase
      Air Requirements 1 - 2 cft 
      Estimated Crated Weight 700 lbs.
      Estimated Crate Size 65" x 48" x 60"

      *Free Ground Shipping on Parts; No Charge Labor for Items Sent Back to St. Louis for Repair or Replacement

      *Price, Design, and Technical Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

    • Ajax Inline Screen Developer - Inside View
    • Ajax Side View
    • Ajax Control Panel
    • Ajax Dimensions
    • Ajax Inline Screen Developer - Inside View

      Ajax Inline Screen Developer - Inside View

      Easy Access Developing Chamber, with Clear Viewing Door Panel. Spray Nozzles front and back.
    • Ajax Side View

      Ajax Side View

      Showing the side, in-feed view.
    • Ajax Control Panel

      Ajax Control Panel

      Easy-to-use controls.
    • Ajax Dimensions

      Ajax Dimensions

      Small and compact.
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