Econo-Pro Washout Sink - Screen Reclaiming/Cleaning

Econo-Pro Washout Sink

The Lawson Econo-Sink Washout Booth provides an affordalbe, easy solution for screen printers when it comes to washing out ink, emulsion and reclaiming their screen printing frames. This is a great option for removing plastiosl and water-based ink and emulsion. Compact design is ideal for textile and garment screen printing shops. Works with aluminum or wood frames, any size screens and any mesh count.

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An Affordable, Easy Wash Out Solution

    This unit features a unique, simple blot together design that is easy to assemble. The Lawson Econo-Sink Washout Booth can be moved through any size doorway and requires minumal floor space requirement.

    This Washout Booth can be paired with one of Lawson's gravity filter system or electrical filtration system

    Tank Size: 33" wide x 38" heigh x 23" deep

    Item #:715-200-1-EA

  • Standard Features

    • Simple Bolt-Together Design
    • Floor Model
    • All Galvanized Steel Construction
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