Frontier Graphic Hot-Air Convection Conveyor Dryer - Graphic Screen Printing Dryer

Frontier Graphic Hot-Air Convection Conveyor Dryer

Perfect for Curing Solvent and Water Base Inks - The Lawson Frontier Jet Dryer is engineered for heavy-duty, constant production. Its rugged construction and advanced design make it exceptionally versatile and able to withstand the most relentless use. The Frontier is available either as an all-electric or gas fired, high-velocity jet dryer. It will handle sheet and board stock such as vinyl, Mylar, tissue, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, and fiberboard.

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    The Frontier also incorporates Lawson's unique Uni-Vac system... an exclusive vacuum hold-down that prevents stock flutter and unwanted stock movement. By creating a powerful and evenly distributed vacuum draw, Lawson's Uni-Vac also assists in the efficient elimination of unwanted solvent-laden air. It also allows for adjustable jet recirculation and exhaust to suit the job load.

    The Lawson Frontier Jet Dryer incorporates many other exclusive and unique features besides the Uni-Flo and Uni-Vac designs. For example, the Frontier uses an open-mesh, Teflon-coated fiberglass memory belt in conjunction with machine crowned pulleys and a four-point tracking system for consistent belt alignment.

    The belt speed is infinitely variable from 0-40 F.P.M. by a rugged, direct-drive D.C. motor and solid-state, digital controller. Belt supports increase belt life, eliminate belt sag and stabilize substrate movement. Both the jet heat and jet cool sections are fully insulated with fiberglass high-temperature insulation and protected by a durable metal cover. Air filters conveniently slide out for easy cleaning. Ample entrance and exit stock clearance is provided.

    Temperature control is consistently maintained by a solid-state digital controller. Gas fired dryers are adjustable up to 450-F, electric units are adjustable up to 225-F. Further, the entire Frontier is protected from abuse by a special fail-safe interlock safety control system. In short, the Lawson Frontier is designed for the professional screener who demands high production, convenient operator use and little or no maintenance.

  • Standard Features

    • Modular design
    • Uni-Flo/Air Knife Jet Heat Chamber
    • Removable Side Panels
    • Uni-Vac vacuum hold-down
    • Anti-flutter substrate design
    • Adjustable Boom Control Box
    • Full chamber and furnace insulation wrap
    • Digital temperature controls up to 400-F (depending on model)
    • Direct-drive D.C. conveyor motor
    • Air Filters
    • Digital Belt Speed Controller
    • Interlock safety control system
    • Adjustable entrance and exit panels
    • Reversible belt with 4-point belt tracking
    • One-year parts warranty

    Standard Sizes/Common Textile Configurations

    • 4' In-Feed
    • 12' Convection-Air Heat Chamber
    • 3' Out-Feed
    • 48-inch belt width x 19'
    • 60-inch belt width x 19'
    • 72-inch belt width x 28' (8 + 12 + 8)

    Standard Graphic Configurations

    • 8-Foot In-Feed
    • 12-Foot Convection-Air Heat Chamber
    • 1' Chamber Spacer
    • 6' Cool Chamber
    • 3-Foot Out-Feed
    • 48-inch belt width x 30' long
    • 60-inch belt width x 30' long

    Optional Features

    • V-Tech U.V. Combo Unit
    • High-temperature heat package
    • Extra-high stock clearance
    • Infra-red heat boosters
    • Extra in-feed or out-feed
    • Extra heat chamber modules
    • Extra cool chamber modules
    • Heavyweight item support
    • Metal conveyor belt
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