Companion Take-Off - Graphic Screen Printing Press

Companion Take-Off

Designed for use with the Lawson Mustang and Seneca flat-bed presses, the Companion automates movement of the substrate from the press while preventing material damage and press stopping substrate jams. The Lawson Companion Take-Off has a patented release system that virtually eliminates "paper-hang" so you save time, labor and money while dramatically increasing production. Lawson's unique timing belt drive system provides the smoothest, most quiet and reliable system available. At last there is a take-off that has no chain, needs no maintenance and eliminates chain drag/sag noise.

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The Companion Automatic Take-Off


    Simply put, all other systems open the grippers, "hoping" the weight of the substrate overcomes inertia fast enough to prevent paper hang. The patented Lawson Companion gripper system, mechanically forces and directs the substrate down towards the conveyor. The lower gripper is moved out of the way, as the upper gripper pushes the stock downward which prevents the problems commonly associated with stock release. The Lawson Companion Take-Off smoothly and directly ejects the stock from the gripper, depositing the stock on the receiving conveyor--with minimal paper-hang.


  • Standard Features

    • Patented Finger-Push Gripper
    • Timing Belt Drive System
    • Automatic Press Synchronization
    • Automatic Pin-Lift Timing
    • Adjustable Gripper Tension
    • Anti-Mar Fingers
    • Adjustable Gripper Positioning
    • Variable Drop Location
    • Multi-Staging Operation
    • Protective Safety Guard
    • Quick-Connect Communication/Press Plug
    • Variable Width Floor Legs
    • Adjustable Height Floor Legs
  • Coming Soon
    • Companion Take Off with a Mustang Press
    • Connector
    • Companion Take Off Grippers Open
    • Companion Take Off Grippers Closed
    • Companion Take Off with a Mustang Press

      Companion Take Off with a Mustang Press

      Show is the Mustang #2538 with the Companion Take-Off
    • Connector


      This photo shows the connecting bracket to the printing press.
    • Companion Take Off Grippers Open

      Companion Take Off Grippers Open

      The Lawson Companion Take-Off has a large gripper opening. Adjustable, mechanical actuation. Finger positioning is fully adjustable.
    • Companion Take Off Grippers Closed

      Companion Take Off Grippers Closed

      The Lawson Companion Take-Off features a patented "slide-n-push" action that guarantees the substrate is ejected from the jaws (i.e. fingers) of the takeoff. The benefit is "no paper jams" and increased production speeds.
  • Coming Soon
    Coming Soon

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