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Mustang Flatbed Screen Printing Press

The Mustang flat-bed screen printing press offers a cost-effective solution for every screen printer, large or small, low or high-volume. Lawson's Mustang press is loaded with features that printers can use to increase production and profits.

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FlatBed Graphic Screen Printing Presses - All Made in the USA!

    The Lawson Mustang is a clam-shell press that combines sophistication, control, consistency and reliability in one space-saving package. It's easy to set up, operate and maintain, and prints on paper, vinyl, Mylar, foils, plastics, metal, glass, wood, transfers...just about anything flat with pinpoint (+/-.001-inch) accuracy.

    All Lawson Mustang printing presses are shipped fully assembled, ready to print, and no special training is required. All adjustments are fast and easy, without tools.

  • Standard Features

    • Up-Front Peel
    • Solid Aluminum, Honeycomb Vacuum Table
    • Direct Dial Squeegee/Flood Bar Pressure Controls
    • Side Screen Loading
    • Dual-Crank Arms
    • Low-Profile, Wide Rail Design
    • Quick-Adjust Angle Controls
    • On-Contact Ability
    • Masterframe/Universal Screen Holder
    • Micro-Registration with X,Y,Z Movement
    • Adjustable Height Table
    • Etched Micro-Registration Locator Grid
    • Variable Flood, Print and Lift Speeds...All DC Motor Controlled
    • Single Cycle, Jog and Dwell Mode Settings
    • Foot Pedal
    • Electric Print Counter
    • Sliding Frame Clamps
    • Plated Carriage Assembly
    • Adjustable Print Stroke
    • Channel-Balanced Vacuum with Adjustable Timing
    • Slanted Control Box
    • Etched Control Panel
    • Off-Contact Control
    • No Tool Adjustments
    • Swivel/Anti-Rock Leveling Pads
    • Wrap Safety Bar
    • Safety Reset System
    • Stationary Motor and Reducer (excludes Mustang 14)
    • 120 Volts; 1-Phase, Standard Plug-In Wiring
    • 1 Year Parts Warranty

    * Recommended Frames Size is 1" less in the print stroke direction.
    * Required if Optional Load-Leveler is Purchased
    ** Amperage must be recalculated if incoming voltage is different.

    Optional Features

    • Aluminum Squeegee Holder (with or without blade)
    • Aluminum Flood Bars
    • Load-Leveller (air required)
    • Air Frame Locks (air required)
    • Disappearing Guides (air required)
    • Floor Casters
    • Companion Take-Off (left side standard)
    • Metal or Adjustable Screen Frames
    • Export Electrics
    • Dial Indicators for Precise Micro-Registration
    • View Detailed Specifications

      Max. Print Area 14” x 22” 22” x 30” 25” x 38” 30” x 40” 35” x 45” 38” x 50” 38” x 55”
      Min. Print Stroke 6” 16” 16” 18” 18” 24” 24”
      Vacuum Bed OD 22” x 31” 34” x 41” 35” x 48” 39” x 52” 47” x 58” 47” x 58” 47” x 63”
      Overall Floor Area 51” x 36” 74” x 48” 74” x 56” 97” x 65” 97” x 70” 97” x 70” 97” x 73”
      Max. Frame Size* 31” x 34” 43” x 45” 43” x 54” 57” x 56” 57” x 65” 57” x 63” 57” x 68”
      Min Frame Size (OD Stroke) 22” 29” 29” 35” 35” 35” 35”
      Electrical Information ** 120 Volts
      15 Amps
      120 Volts
      18 Amps
      120 Volts
      18 Amps
      120 Volts
      18 Amps
      120 Volts
      120 Volts
      120 Volts
      Air Information* N/A N/A N/A AIR - 2 CFM AIR - 2 CFM AIR - 2 CFM AIR - 2 CFM<

      *Free Ground Shipping on Parts; No Charge Labor for Items Sent Back to St. Louis for Repair or Replacement

      *Price, Design, and Technical Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

    • Mustang - Wide Stable Base
    • Mustang - Rear Side View
    • Mustang - Front-Side View
    • Mustang Control Panel
    • Mustang #1422
    • Graphic Printing Press Mustang Control Panel
    • Graphic Printing Press Mustang Glamour Shot
    • Mustang - Wide Stable Base

      Mustang - Wide Stable Base

      The Lawson Mustang is built on a wide, stable floor-model base. Easy-Access to stroke adjustments. Wrap-Around Safety Bar. And the frame can be lowered without printing to check set-up and registeration!
    • Mustang - Rear Side View

      Mustang - Rear Side View

      This is the view from the rear of the Mustang. Showing the Master Frame Holder and Safety Bar.
      Notice the wide rails which adds stability and even squeegee pressure throughout the width of the print.
      Mechanical Squeegee and Flood Bar Pressure and Angle Controls (no air is required, except on models #35 and up)
    • Mustang - Front-Side View

      Mustang - Front-Side View

      This photo shows a close up of the Safety Bar and Master Frame Holder details, and the wide-stable print head.
      Screen Frame Holder may be lowered, without printing, to check registeration and off-contact!
      Front roller-bearings mounted on the master frame (right-side and left-side) guarantees perfect multi-color registeration.
    • Mustang Control Panel

      Mustang Control Panel

      Here's the new master control panel...everything you need for great flat-bed printing.
      The control box is even hinged in the rear for easy lowering and access to all the electrical components.
      An elegant design, using common electrical parts (no plc programming required).
    • Mustang #1422

      Mustang #1422

      This is the Lawson Mustang #14. Print up to 14" x 22".
      All the features of the larger size Mustang, but in a small and compact space.
      Custom modifications available for special printing needs.
    • Graphic Printing Press Mustang Control Panel

      Graphic Printing Press Mustang Control Panel

      Lawson's easy-to-use, up-front control panel - showing all the essential features needed for great flat-bed printing control. Lawson uses common electrical parts, and no plc programming is required.
    • Graphic Printing Press Mustang Glamour Shot

      Graphic Printing Press Mustang Glamour Shot

      Showing our old colors, but a great pic showing the optional dial-indicators in front, adjustable master-frame, wrap-around safety-bar, optional floor casters and more.
      Print at speeds up to 1,150 IPH (depending on model, and how fast you can load and un-load your items).
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    Coming Soon

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