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Companion Bag Take-Off


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Designed for use with Lawson automatic bag printers, the Lawson Companion Bag Take-Off automates the removal of bags from the platens, as the carousel is indexed in position.

The Lawson Companion Bag Take-Off uses "wide-mouth-jaws" that minimizes "bag jams" so you save time, labor and money while dramatically increasing production. Lawson's unique timing belt drive system provides the smoothest, quietest and most reliable system available.

At last there is a specially designed bag take-off that actually works. 

Standard Features

  • Wide-Opening Grippers
  • Timing Belt Drive System
  • Automatic Press Synchronization
  • Adjustable Gripper Tension
  • Anti-Mar Fingers
  • Adjustable Gripper Positioning
  • Variable Drop Location
  • Multi-Staging Operation
  • Quick-Connect Communication/Press Plug
  • Variable Width Floor Legs
  • Adjustable Height Floor Legs

Gripper Release System

The Lawson Companion bag gripper system opens wide to accommodate many different style bags. It is adjustable in all directions, up, down, across, tension, and timing. Lawson has also developed a special adhesive to use with your platens, to allow enough grip to hold your bags in place while indexing and printing, and releases upon horizontal force.


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