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    Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press - Textile Screen Printing Machine
    Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press - Textile Screen Printing Machine

Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press


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A Modular, Flex-Head Automatic with Same Station Print-and-Flash Capability.

The Lawson Mini-Trooper is an automatic screen printing press designed to increase profits, dramatically increase production, provide greater print consistency, minimize the physical stress of manually printing - all while being extremely simple to use, set-up and maintain.

This 'Mini' version of the award winning Trooper is only 8.5 feet across so you can put it in a small space and still operate the machine. You should consider a Mini-Trooper when you can't accommodate the regular Trooper which is 11 feet in diameter.

The Mini-Trooper ships fully assembled (4-color models) so there are no expensive installation costs. It has fully automated print heads combined with an integrated manual carousel the (XL & PC presses include automatic carousel) with roller bearing registration which ensures pinpoint registration and minimizes your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. No special training is required. Lawson is a company dedicated to screen printing technology, has been in business for over 65 years and specializes in start-ups, plant expansions, turnkey support, supplies and training.

Available in Basic, XL and PC models.;

Standard Features

  • Modular Design
  • Flex-Print Heads
  • Print Stroke: 14" max.
  • Double Stroke - Head #1
  • Front Micro-Registration
  • Rear Micro (side motion)
  • Manual Carousel Rotation
  • Foot Pedal
  • Auto-Balance Squeegee
  • Manual or Auto Frames
  • Dual-Registration Bearings
  • Adjustable Print Stroke
  • Individual Print Head Control
  • Set-Up Mode
  • Micro-Registration
  • Adj. Print & Flood Speeds
  • Adj. Print & Flood Angle
  • Off-Contact Adjustments
  • Adjustable Height Platens
  • Platen Size:16" x 18"
  • Bi-Directional Manual Carousel
  • Screens up to 21" x 28"
  • 2 Yr Limited Parts Warranty
  • 120v Plug-In Wiring
  • Air Required

Optional Features

  • Standard/Basic Configuration: The operator rotates the easy-to-spin-carousel manually, and then presses the foot pedal. The carousel lifts into register and the print heads automatically print. The optional Shuttle Flash is operated by a separate foot pedal.

  • XL Option Package: The XL Option Package includes: Automatic Carousel Indexing - Foot Pedal Start, Shuttle Flash Integration, Integrated Shuttle Flash Ports (2) and PLC diagnostic

  • PC Option Package: The PC Option Package includes: everything the XL has PLUS Aluminum Platens, Double Print controls for each individual print head, load-in/load/out feature, dwell cycle timer, a variety of special flashing programs, and a Touch Screen Control Center.

  • PC/Deluxe Option Package
  • Additional Print Head(s)
  • Speed Rails (Front Screen Registeration)
  • Multiple Head Double Stroke
  • Delay Dwell Timer (option for XL only)
  • Air Compressor
  • QZE Quarts Shuttle Flash Unit
  • I.R. Hot-Shot Shuttle Flash
  • Modular Head Pre-Wire
  • Rubber Platen Pads
  • Additional Dual-Action Squeegees
  • Frame Air-Clamps
  • 3-Point On-Press Registeration System (Speed Rails Required)
  • Youth Platens
  • Sleeve Platens
  • Jacket Hold Down
  • Speed Platen System
  • Companion Bag Take-Off
  • Export Electrics
  • Crating
  • Site Training
  • View Photo Gallery

    • Mini Trooper Base

      Mini Trooper Base

      Lawson's wide stable base features 4 sturdy leveling feet, and this base can be moved through a 36" wide door opening.

    • Mini-Trooper Registration System

      Mini-Trooper Registration System

      All Lawson automatics feature our exclusive "tab-in-gate" system with eccentric roller bearings at each and ever print station. Some models even feature a 7-Year Regiseration Warranty!

    • Mini-Trooper Micro Registration

      Mini-Trooper Micro Registration

      Lawson's micro-registeration is easy-to-use, and accurate.

    • Mini-Trooper Screen Holder

      Mini-Trooper Screen Holder

      This is a view of the Front Frame Holder for the Mini-Trooper. Front and Rear Micro-Registeration is a standard feature of all Mini-Troopers and Troopers.

    • Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee

      Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee

      All Lawson automatics feature our exclusive Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee. Flood Coat with a squeegee blade for precise control, and print with a squeegee like usual. You can even select Lawson's exclusive 60/70 combo system and flood and print with whatever squeegee you like. BENEFIT: you are in total control, and your stencile lasts longer than printing with a traditional metal/aluminum flood bar.

    • Mini-Trooper Boom Control Box

      Mini-Trooper Boom Control Box

      The Mini-Trooper PC (show in this photo), and the Mini-Trooper XL feature Boom Control panels that can be posistioned for the press operator to easily use.

    • Mini Trooper Base
    • Mini-Trooper Registration System
    • Mini-Trooper Micro Registration
    • Mini-Trooper Screen Holder
    • Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee
    • Mini-Trooper Boom Control Box
  • View Detailed Specifications

    Trooper XL & PC
    XL & PC
    Max. Image Area 14" x 16" 18" x 16" 18" x 16" 18" x 16" 18" x 16"
    Max. Frame Size 21" x 28" 23" x 31" 23" x 31" 23" x 31" 23" x 31"
    Std. Platen Size 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18"
    Diameter 8'4" 10'8" 10'8" 12' 12'
    Electrical Requirements 110 volts,
    110 volts,
    110 volts,
    110 volts,
    110 volts,
    Air Requirements @ 100 psi 10 cfm 17 cfm 16 cfm 18 cfm 18 cfm
    Est. Crated Weight - lbs 1,000 1,900 1,900 2,200 2,200
    Est. Crate Size (W x L x H) 84" x 96" x 60" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70"


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