Mini Trooper PC

Mini-Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press

The Mini-Trooper ships fully assembled (4-color models) so there are no expensive installation costs. It has fully automated print heads combined with an integrated manual carousel the (XL & PC presses include automatic carousel) with roller bearing registration which ensures pinpoint registration and minimizes your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. No special training is required.

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Get The Squeegee Out Of Your Hands

    A Modular, Flex-Head Automatic with Same Station Print-and-Flash Capability.

    The Lawson Mini-Trooper is an automatic screen printing press designed to increase profits, dramatically increase production, provide greater print consistency, minimize the physical stress of manually printing - all while being extremely simple to use, set-up and maintain.

    This 'Mini' version of the award winning Trooper is only 8.5 feet across so you can put it in a small space and still operate the machine. You should consider a Mini-Trooper when you can't accommodate the regular Trooper which is 11 feet in diameter.

    Lawson is a company dedicated to screen printing technology, has been in business for over 65 years and specializes in start-ups, plant expansions, turnkey support, supplies and training

    Available in Basic (manual carousel), XL (automatic carousel + integrated flash ports)and PC (touch screen) models.

    Standard Mini-Trooper Configurations:
    3-Color; 6 Station Automatic
    4-Color; 6-Station Automatic
    5-Color; 6-Station Automatic

    Why Buy the Lawson Mini-Trooper:
    Easiest-to-Use/Simple Automatic
    7-Year Registeration Warranty
    Modular Print Heads (buy only the number of print heads you want, add more later
    Flex-Head Design (place print heads where you want)
    Simple Dual-Action Squeegee
    Small Footprint (8.5' diameter)
    True-Glide Front & Rear Micro-Registration
    Open-Access to Screen for easy registration and ink loading
    Composit Platens with Slip-Tubes
    Backed by a Company of People Who Care
    Designed, Manufactured & Assembled 100% in the U.S.A.

  • Standard Features

    • Modular Design
    • Flex-Print Heads
    • Print Stroke: 14" max.
    • Double Stroke - Head #1
    • Front Micro-Registration
    • Rear Micro (side motion)
    • Manual Carousel Rotation
    • Foot Pedal
    • Auto-Balance Squeegee
    • Manual or Auto Frames
    • Dual-Registration Bearings
    • Adjustable Print Stroke
    • Individual Print Head Control
    • Set-Up Mode
    • Micro-Registration
    • Adj. Print & Flood Speeds
    • Adj. Print & Flood Angle
    • Off-Contact Adjustments
    • Adjustable Height Platens
    • Platen Size:16" x 18"
    • Bi-Directional Manual Carousel
    • Screens up to 21" x 28"
    • 2 Yr Limited Parts Warranty
    • 120v Plug-In Wiring
    • Air Required

    Optional Features

    • Standard/Basic Configuration: The operator rotates the easy-to-spin-carousel manually, and then presses the foot pedal. The carousel lifts into register and the print heads automatically print. The optional Shuttle Flash is operated by a separate foot pedal.

    • XL Option Package: The XL Option Package includes: Automatic Carousel Indexing - Foot Pedal Start, Shuttle Flash Integration, Integrated Shuttle Flash Ports (2) and PLC diagnostic

    • PC Option Package: The PC Option Package includes: everything the XL has PLUS Aluminum Platens, Double Print controls for each individual print head, load-in/load/out feature, dwell cycle timer, a variety of special flashing programs, and a Touch Screen Control Center.

    • View Detailed Specifications

      Express Ex
      XL & PC
      Express Ex
      XL & PC
      Max. Image Area 14" x 16" 14" x 16" 18" x 16" 18" x 18" 18" x 16"
      Max. Frame Size 21" x 28" 20" x 28" 23" x 31" 23" x 31" 23" x 31"
      Std. Platen Size 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18" 16" x 18"
      Diameter 8'4" 8'6" 10'8" 10'8" 12'
      Electrical Requirements 110 volts,
      220 volts,
      110 volts,
      220/240 volts,
      110 volts,
      Air Requirements @ 100 psi 10 cfm 6 cfm 16 cfm 10 cfm 18 cfm
      Est. Crated Weight - lbs 1,000 1,200 1,900 1,900 2,200
      Est. Crate Size (W x L x H) 84" x 96" x 60" 44" x 108" x 72" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70" 49" x 120" x 70"

      *Free Ground Shipping on Parts; No Charge Labor for Items Sent Back to St. Louis for Repair or Replacement

      *Price, Design, and Technical Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

    • Mini-Trooper Screen Holder
    • Mini Trooper Control Box
    • Mini-Trooper Registration System
    • Mini Trooper XL
    • Mini Trooper Base
    • Mini Trooper PC
    • Mini Trooper PC Control Box W Touch Screen
    • Mini-Trooper Micro Registration
    • Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee
    • Mini-Trooper Screen Holder

      Mini-Trooper Screen Holder

      This is a view of the Front Frame Holder for the Mini-Trooper. Front and Rear Micro-Registeration is a standard feature of all Mini-Troopers and Troopers.

    • Mini Trooper Control Box

      Mini Trooper Control Box

    • Mini-Trooper Registration System

      Mini-Trooper Registration System

      All Lawson automatics feature our exclusive "tab-in-gate" system with eccentric roller bearings at each and ever print station. Some models even feature a 7-Year Regiseration Warranty!

    • Mini Trooper XL

      Mini Trooper XL

    • Mini Trooper Base

      Mini Trooper Base

      Lawson's wide stable base features 4 sturdy leveling feet, and this base can be moved through a 36" wide door opening.

    • Mini Trooper PC

      Mini Trooper PC

    • Mini Trooper PC Control Box W Touch Screen

      Mini Trooper PC Control Box W Touch Screen

    • Mini-Trooper Micro Registration

      Mini-Trooper Micro Registration

      Lawson's micro-registeration is easy-to-use, and accurate.

    • Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee

      Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee

      All Lawson automatics feature our exclusive Dual-Action and Auto Balance Squeegee. Flood Coat with a squeegee blade for precise control, and print with a squeegee like usual. You can even select Lawson's exclusive 60/70 combo system and flood and print with whatever squeegee you like. BENEFIT: you are in total control, and your stencile lasts longer than printing with a traditional metal/aluminum flood bar.

  • Coming Soon

  • "I am blown away by the Lawson Mini-Trooper. The Lawson Mini-Trooper is my greatest investment of all time!The Mini Trooper just "fit" my budget and my building size."

    David F.
    Art By David
    McCalester, OK

  • The wonderful people at Lawson assured me that I would not be disappointed in purchasing the Mini-Trooper, and once trained, I realized the simplicity of printing both the large and small jobs with the auto. The ease of printing jobs off of this machine is amazing! The set up, alignment/registration, micro-registration on the fly, etc, and most of all, quality of the print, is perfect."

    Meg P
    Bison Apparel
    Acworth, GA

  • "The Mini-Trooper is our second automatic. We added it hoping to gain additional production and improve our turnaround time by 30%. We were wrong -- The Mini-Trooper has DOUBLED our production. It was affordable and it helped us out."

    Robert H.
    Shirts & Caps, Inc.
    Zephyrhills, FL

  • "We have successfully printed our first job on your Lawson Mini-Trooper. The screens registered perfectly, the shuttle flash did its job, and with one or two minor "oops", we printed off 48 prints in no time. Thanks to the Lawson salespeople for all their help and patience with us."

    Jim and Betsy B.
    Susquehanna Printers
    Owego, NY

  • "I own a Mini-Trooper and I absolutely love it. Lawson sent their tech to my shop to do set-up and training. The customer service is second to none, and I have never had a problem with calling them and having any question answered ASAP. Their salesman still calls me just to check and see how things are going."

    Jay B.
    JerseyPro Printing

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