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Twin Express Screen Printing Press


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Save space with the ultra-compact and portable Lawson Twin Express Combo Press/Dryer. This combo system has many of the features of our standard series of presses and dryers, yet is specifically designed for those who want a combo, space-saving solution. The all-steel construction and sturdy mechanical components make the Twin Express system a great solution for any new start-up shop, prototype department, school, or a small production shop. It's small and light enough for one person to move around - floor casters are included.

The Twin Express actually combines the better of two machines (the Lawson Proton and Mini-Star Dryer) and makes them one. If you need to save space or travel with a complete print/dry solution - this is an industrial system guaranteed to work!

The Twin Express comes fully assembled, ready to print and dry. Floor casters are included for easy mobility. Micro-registration, adjustable side clamps, adjustable platens, roller-bearing registration, adjustable spring tension, variable temperature control, adjustable belt speed and a fully insulated heat chamber are just a few of the standard features included.

Standard Features

Press Features
  • Micro-Register
  • Roller-Bearing Registration
  • All-steel construction
  • Adj. spring tension
  • Adj. slide platen
  • Quick-change platen system
  • Interchangeable platens with other Lawson presses
  • Easy-glide rotation
Dryer Features
  • 18" belt width
  • 3'-long heat chamber
  • 5' overall length
  • 1' in-feed
  • 1' out-feed
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Color blind infrared panel (18" x 18")
  • Direct drive conveyor system
  • Easy belt tracking
  • Anti-drag belt support
  • Heat-reflective S & S memory belt
  • Reflective infrared booster lining
  • Portable, easy to use
  • 2 year warranty on heater
  • 120-Volt: 1-Phase wiring
  • UPS or truck shipment
  • National Safety Code Certified/ETL
  • One-Year Parts Warranty

Optional Features

  • Aluminum Platens
  • Sleeve Attachment
  • Child, Youth, Adult & XL Platens
  • Bag Platens
  • Cap Attachment
  • Jacket Attachment
  • Specialty/Custom Platens
  • Pin Registration
  • Flash Unit
  • 18" x 24" 220 Volt I.R. Panel (also includes full-wrap insulation package)
  • Platen Choices
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    • Twin Express Screen Printing Press & Conveyor Dryer

      Twin Express Screen Printing Press & Conveyor Dryer

    • Twin Express Infeed

      Twin Express Infeed

    • Twin Express Outfeed

      Twin Express Outfeed

    • Twin Express Screen Printing Press & Conveyor Dryer
    • Twin Express Infeed
    • Twin Express Outfeed

  • View Detailed Specifications

    Rotating Print Heads 4
    Roatating Print Stations 4
    Estimated Max. Production 144*
    Overall Length 5'
    Overall Width 85"
    Belt Width 18"
    Platen Height(floor to top) 35"
    Heat Chamber Length 28"
    In-Feed 24"
    Out-Feed 8"
    Belt Height 16"
    Heat Panels 1
    Heater Wattage 3500
    Heater Size 18" x 24"
    AMPS- 120 volts: 3 Wires + Grind 17
    Estimated Crate Weight- lbs 550
    Estimated Crate Size (W x L x H) 48" x 72" x 55"


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