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Ink - MultINK for Epson R1800 90ml Refill Bag What is the Difference between Epson ink and MultINK

Depending on what Epson printer you have, you could be running a dye-based or pigment-based ink that came with your printer.  The Epson R1800 printer come with Epson UltraChrome K3T ink.  This is a pigment-based ink that is designed to work on photographic papers.  In general terms, a pigment-based inks tend to have a longer longevity for maintain colors compared to a dye-based ink.  Alternatively, a dye-based inks traditionally have a brighter color gamut.  

MultINK is a specially formulated industrial dye-based ink that is made for printing on fabric.  MultINK is formulated to give apparel decorators the best characteristics of both a dye and pigment-based ink.  Below are the three unique characteristics of MultINK which make it a better ink for apparel decorators to use.

  • MultiINK is chemically developed to resist color shifting under the heat press (i.e. when colors fade or start to change) to allow you to have more accurate color reproduction.
  • MultINK has better wash fastness to hold up against the chemicals in laundry detergent.
  • The black color of MultINK has UV inhibitors in it that makes it the ideal ink for printing screen printing film positives.

Screen Printing Film (MultiINK)
  • Halftone Printing
  • Presets for Different Films
  • Color Managment
  • Job/Page Priority
  • Adjustable Density Curve
  • And More!

Inkjet Heat Transfer
  • Calibrated for Accurate Color Reproduction
  • Specially Formulated Ink
  • Optimized for both Light and Dark Transfer Paper.
  • And More!

Photograph Printing (MultiINK)
  • Maximize Colors for High Quality Photos
  • Setting for Glossy and
  • Matte Photo Papers
  • Get Accurate Spot Colors
  • And More!

General Printing (MultiINK)
  • Network the Printer
  • Print Customer Invoices
  • Make Marketing Flyers
  • Built-in PDF Generator
  • Recomposite Seperations
  • And More!
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