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Ink - MultINK for Epson 4880 110ml Cartridge What is the Difference between Epson ink and MultINK

Depending on what Epson printer you have, you could be running a dye-based or pigment-based ink that came with your printer.  The Epson 4880 printer come with Epson UltraChrome K3T ink.  This is a pigment-based ink that is designed to work on photographic papers.  In general terms, a pigment-based ink tends to have a longer longevity for maintaining colors compared to a dye-based ink.  Alternatively, dye-based inks traditionally have a brighter color gamut.  

MultINK is a specially formulated industrial dye-based ink that is made for printing on fabric.  MultINK is formulated to give apparel decorators the best characteristics of both a dye and pigment-based ink.  Below are the three unique characteristics of MultINK which make it a better ink for apparel decorators to use.

  • MultiINK is chemically developed to resist color shifting under the heat press (i.e. when colors fade or start to change) to allow you to have more accurate color reproduction.
  • MultINK has better wash fastness to hold up against the chemicals in laundry detergent.
  • The black color of MultINK has UV inhibitors in it that makes it the ideal ink for printing screen printing film positives.

4880 Printer Ink Order
Epson 4800 MultiINK slots
Slots Epson Inks Ink Type Stock#
Slot #1 Epson Black
ArTainium Sublimation Black 496-200-2-EA
Slot #2 Epson Cyan ArTainium Sublimation Cyan 496-200-1-EA
Slot #3 Epson Magenta ArTainium Sublimation Magenta 496-200-7-EA
Slot #4 Epson Yellow ArTainium Sublimation Yellow 496-200-8-EA
Slot #5 Epson Light Black ChromaBlast Black
MultINK Black
Slot #6 Epson Light Cyan ChromaBlast Cyan
MultINK Cyan
Slot #7 Epson Light Magenta ChromaBlast Magenta
MultINK Magenta
Slot #8 Epson Light Light Black ChromaBlast Yellow
MultINK Yellow
Screen Printing Film (MultiINK)
  • Halftone Printing
  • Presets for Different Films
  • Color Managment
  • Job/Page Priority
  • Adjustable Density Curve
  • And More!

Inkjet Heat Transfer (MultiINK)
  • Calibrated for Accurate Color Reproduction
  • Specially Formulated Ink
  • Optimized for both Light and Dark Transfer Paper.
  • And More!

Photograph Printing (MultiINK)
  • Maximize Colors for High Quality Photos
  • Setting for Glossy and
  • Matte Photo Papers
  • Get Accurate Spot Colors
  • And More!

General Printing (MultiINK)
  • Network the Printer
  • Print Customer Invoices
  • Make Marketing Flyers
  • Built-in PDF Generator
  • Recomposite Seperations
  • And More!

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