Epson Photo R2400 Inks and Dyes

Ink - POSink Dye Ink Cartridge for the EPSON R2400 The EPSON R2400 is a pigment ink printer so you have to convert to a special DYE black ink for positives. POSink is the best dye based ink for screen making positives on the market.

You want a bulk ink system so you don't have to change cartridges so often. The cartridges in the EPSON R2400 hold 18ml but this system increases it to 90ml. POSink. System is fully charged with ink and ready to run. The bulk system uses non-drip quick connect fittings so changing to a new ink bag is simple and clean!

497-200-0-EA POSink
Lawson recommends Water Proof Inkjet film


***For the best screen printing positives, install a POSInk cartridge in Slot 5.
Ink Cartriage Slots:
Slot 1 = Light Light Black
Slot 2 = Light Magenta
Slot 3 = Light Cyan
Slot 4 = Light Black
Slot 5 = Matte Black or Photo Black *** replace with POSink
Slot 6 = Cyan
Slot 7 = Magenta
Slot 8 = Yellow

One of the black cartridges must be REPLACED with a DYE INK cartridge for making positives unless you want to use more expensive pigment film. You do not want to install a black pigment cartridge because it is almost impossible to purge the pigment ink when you want to switch to DYE ink.
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