Inks and Dyes

EPSON Stylus Pro 7800 & 9800 POSink DYE Black Cartridges IMPORTANT:
There are nine ink cartridges including user-interchangeable Photo and Matte Black. Install the Photo Black instead of MATTE BLACK because when the printer starts for the first time it will write the cartridge information to the firmware. It requires an EPSON technician; many purge cleaning cycles & wasted ink to clean the tube system of UltraChrome K3™.

***For the best screen printing positives, install a POSink cartridge in Slot 1 and Slot 4 in place of the Light Light Black and Light Black.

Ink Cartriage Slots:

Slot 1 = Light Light Black *** replace with POSink
Slot 2 = Light Magenta
Slot 3 = Light Cyan
Slot 4 = Light Black *** replace with POSink
Slot 5 = Matte Black or Photo Black
Slot 6 = Cyan
Slot 7 = Magenta
Slot 8 = Yellow

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