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multitech logoMulti-Tech manufacturers Screen Printing Plastisol Inks for textile applications. Plastisol inks are used in the screen printing process. Multi-Tech's plastisol screen printing inks have excellent opacity and are press-ready which makes them ideal for either hand or automatic textile screen printing.

Multi-Tech is going Phthalate-Free (technically called Non-Phthalate) on its entire product line. After thorough testing and analysis, print, flash and wash testing, Multi-Tech's non-phthalate formulations provide equal or better performance than Multi-Tech's classic series of ink products. Ink buckets and drums that are produced with non-phthalate plasticizers, will have an additional label stating that contents are phthalate-free. Currently all new production of white inks and all bases are non-phthalate formulations.

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Every monitor is different so do not use these colors for exact matching.


Multi-Tech White Plastisol Ink

White Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech offers a great selection of white plastisol inks for a multitude of textile applications including screen printing on 100% cotton fabrics, 50/50 blends, 100% polyester, and even nylon mesh and dazzle fabrics.

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Multi-Tech Standard Plastisol Ink Colors

Multi-Choice Standard Plastisol Ink Colors

Multi-Choice is a plastisol ink for general-purpose screen printing on a variety of textile products. It can be printed on cotton, cotton/polyester blends, rayons and most open-weave and mesh nylon material. Multi-Choice can also be used for printing standard or hot split transfers, in addition to athletic printing. Multi-Choice is also fast-flashing.

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Multi-Tech Opaque Plastisol Ink Colors

Multi-Choice Opaque Plastisol Ink Colors

Multi-Choice Opaque is a plastisol ink designed specifically for high opacity and bleed-resistant applications. Ideal for printing 50/50 blends and other difficult fabrics. In fact, if you want just one ink to do everything, Multi-Choice Opaque is the choice.

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Multi-Match Color Matching Plastisol Ink System

Multi-Match Color Matching System

Multi-Match is a plastisol ink designed to simulate the Pantone* Matching System colors. The colors may be mixed together to make all the colors found in the Pantone Formula Guide. Multi-Match is created especially for a "soft-hand" feel and for wet-on-wet printing. It contains no water, may be used with any stencil system and may be printed on a variety of textile products.

*Pantone, Inc's check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials. Multi-Tech is a Pantone Licensee

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Multi-Tech Nylon Mesh and Athletic Plastisol Ink Colors

Multi-Tech Nylon Mesh & Athletic Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech's nylon mesh plastisol ink is specially formulated for printing on nylon mesh fabrics (not nylon jackets). It provides superior abrasion resistance, maximum adhesion, wash durability and is easy to print. It features a fast flashing formulation with little or no "after-tack".

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Nylon Jacket Plastisol Ink Colors

Nylon Jacket Plastisol Ink

The 900 Series Lead Free Plastisol inks and the 900LF Catalyst are formulated to work together to give the best possible adhesion and durability on most nylon substrates. DO NOT TEST FOR ADHESION UNTIL 72 HOURS AFTER PRINTING!

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Optilux Reflective Plastisol Ink

Optilux™ Reflective Plastisol Ink

Optilux™ Reflective Plastisol is an easy to print, two-part, retro-reflective ink that contains mbeads™, light reflecting glass beads. When a garment printed with Optilux™ ink is exposed to a beam of light, the micro-spheres bounce the light back to the source.

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Multi-Tech Process and Intense Process Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech Process Color Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech's process color and intense process color plastisol inks are recommended for use in four color process printing. Process inks are transparent in nature and are meant to print on top of one another to combine into a four color process image. These inks are not meant to be printed separately.

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Multi-Tech Fluorescent and Opaque Fluorescent Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech Fluorescent Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech's fluorescent plastisol ink colors are similar in consistency to the standard and super opaque plastisol inks listed above, but they come in brighter, more vibrant colors.

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Multi-Tech Metallic and Glitter Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech Glitter & Metallic Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech Metallic and Glitter inks are bright, have excellent opacity and are press-ready. Ideal for either manual or automatic screen printing press applications.

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Multi-Tech FastFilms Plastisol Ink Colors

Multi-Tech FastFilms™ Plastisol Ink Colors

Multi-Tech’s FastFilms™ Ink Series is a premium plastisol formulated specifically to match the Pantone® colors specified by Scott Fresener’s FastFilms™ separation plug-in for Photoshop. They will work wet-on-wet on automatic or manual presses. The semi-opaque formulation is specifically designed to provide cleaner/brighter inks with higher pigment loading for brilliant color, a soft-hand feel with a smooth finish.

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Multi-Tech Wet-on-Wet Plastisol Ink

Multi-Tech Wet-on-Wet Plastisol Ink

The Wet-on-Wet Plastisol Ink Series is designed for wet-on-wet printing on a manual or automatic screen printing press. It’s a soft-hand formulation specifically designed to provide cleaner and brighter inks with a more brilliant color, an ultra soft-hand feel, and a smooth finish.

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Multi-Tech Bases, Clears and Additives

Bases, Clears & Additives

Multi-Tech formulates many different bases, clears & additives to enhance plastisol screen printing ink for endless applications. Multi-Tech also offers custom formulations to suit unusual or difficult specialty applications.

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