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Section 179 is a great way to accelerate your tax benefits. Under Section 179, you can expense 100% of the cost of equipment acquired in 2012 up to $125,000. Depending on your tax bracket, you can save a portion of that equipment cost in tax savings. To take advantage of Section 179, we can structure your lease with a PUT (Purchase Upon Termination) option at the end of the term, such as $1, or a larger pre-defined amount such as 10% or 20%. At the end of term, equipment must be purchased or the lease renewed to be eligible for this deduction (equipment cannot be returned).

Here is an Example: $50,000 worth of equipment:

60 month lease with a $1 purchase option: $1,080/month
Amount deducted under Section 179: $50,000
Projected 2012 tax savings (assuming 35% tax bracket): $17,500.00

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* All examples provided are for illustrative purposes only. Actual numbers will vary based on credit & individual financial situations. Geneva Capital LLC recommends each customer review their own unique situation with their tax advisor. All transactions are subject to equipment & credit approval.

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