Express EX Automatic Screen Printing Press Demo

  • The Lawson Express EX builds on 20+ years of Lawson's innovative high-speed automatics t-shirt presses. The EX dramatically increases production, provides greater print consistency and minimizes the physical stress of manually printing – all while being extremely simple to use, set-up and maintain.

    What sets this automatic press above the others:

    • Intuitive HMI Color Touch Screen
    • Customizable Flash Options
    • Smooth Squeegee & Flood Bar Chopper & Angle Adjustments
    • Easy Cassette Screen Loading
    • True-Glide Front & Rear Micro-Registration
    • Heavy-Duty Direct-Drive AC Motor Drive Print Heads
    • Interchangeable Platens with major brands

    Fully automated print heads are combined with an integrated high-speed automatic carousel. Roller bearing registration at each print station ensures pinpoint registration and consistency. An intuitive, user-friendly, color touch screen is easy to understand and use, no special training is required.

    For More Information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 314-382-9300.

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