Meet Our Team

Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, David



David is President of Lawson Screen and Digital Products. He and his brother, Ben, purchased Lawson from their father in 1979.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite movie is Wizard Of Oz
  • Plays golf, waterpolo, and swims.
  • Likes: sushi, baseball, dogs
  • Favorite Music: Seals and Crofts
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Taylor


Vice President

Taylor is proud to be the 3rd generation owner at Lawson Screen & Digital Products. Named after the cross streets (Taylor and Newstead) of the original Lawson location, it’s rumored that Taylor has plastisol ink running through his veins.

Having started building exposure units at Lawson during his summer breaks from middle school, Taylor worked in various positions throughout the manufacturing process but took the long way to a full time career at Lawson. After graduating from Fordham University, Taylor managed research grants for Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York City before getting his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis. After graduation, he moved to Chicago to practice insurance law and litigate pension issues for the State of Illinois.

Missing the draw of screen printing and fascinated by the advancements in DTG & CTS, Taylor rejoined Lawson in 2016. At Lawson, Taylor focuses on marketing, sales and helping screen printers achieve more.

Fun Facts

  • Taylor's favorite thing about Lawson is coming in everyday to people passionate about what they do.
  • Hobbies include: playing sports, reading, taking his dog for a walk
  • Favorite Sports are water polo and soccer
  • Would like to meet Didier Drogba
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Ben


Technical Consultant

Ben has been with Lawson Screen & Digital Products for over 43 years. He was once co-president and oversaw screen printing and digital equipment production, as well as helps customers troubleshoot with technical difficulties. Now he has taken a position with the Lawson Sales Team to sell screen printing and DTG equipment.

Fun Facts

  • Hobby: Racket Ball
  • Favorite food is hot dogs
  • First car was an Austin America
  • Is a dog person
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Brian


Sales Manager

Brian has been a sales manager at Lawson for over four years, but has been a customer for over 35 years. He has extensive firsthand knowledge in screen printing and digital imaging equipment and process. Brian's favorite thing about Lawson is the interaction he has with customers.

Fun Facts

  • Brian's favorite hobby is coaching youth sports.
  • Likes: The Godfather, Meatloaf, Orange Serbert
  • Is a dog person, but finds it ironic his wife's nickname is Cat
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Glen


Technical Consultant

Glen is a part of Lawson's screen printing supply and equipment sales staff. Glen has extensive knowledge about pre-press, screen-making, graphic printing, general equipment, and much more. Glen is also a fabulous instructor, and is our primary teacher of Lawson's Textile Tech class.

Fun Facts

  • Is an avid hunter and outdoorsmen .
  • Likes: Making his own venison jerky.
  • Favorite Music: Writes his own, and plays the guitar too.
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Stephen



Stephen is a part of Lawson's sales staff. He is located at our Atlanta branch. Stephen specializes in equipment and supplies.

Fun Facts

  • Is a phenomenal silk artist
  • Stephen is a lacrosse fan
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Todd



Todd is our sales representative for the Illinois area, so if that is where your business is located, expect to hear from him. A screen printer himself, Todd has enjoyed printing from the moment he printed his first shirt. He is self-taught and enjoys a good challenge. In fact, he states "I love being in sales because I get to meet all kinds of new people and help them find solutions to any problems they may encountering."

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys watching his kids play sports
  • Hunting consumes a big amount of his free time
  • GIGANTIC Blues fan
  • Has a Doberman Pinscher
  • would love to meet Maynard James Keenan
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Diane


Customer Service Rep

Diane has been at Lawson for over 30 years. If you have ever called in for screen printing or digital imaging supplies, Diane is likely the person you spoke with. Diane's favorite thing about Lawson is helping customers find the supplies they need. Always friendly, Diane is fast, efficient and has a great memory.

Fun Facts

  • Her favorite place she has visited: Alaska
  • Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip
  • She likes comedy and action movies
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Tracey


Director of First Impressions

Like many of our Team Members, Tracey has been with Lawson for 29 years. Her favorite thing about Lawson is that "we are like family." She is the friendly face that greets you with a smile when you walk in the door, the sweet person who answers the phone, and the woman who gets your internet order out on time.

Fun Facts

  • Tracey's favorite musician is Kid Rock
  • She is a Cardinals baseball fan
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Tim



Tim is a Lawson technician and specializes in Lawson graphic and textile screen printing equipment. Tim helps customers troubleshoot, typically on very old Lawson presses.

Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Andy



Andy is a Lawson technician who specializes in assisting Lawson customers with the Lawson Focus-CTS, Epson, Roland, Graphtec, and other digital devices.

Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Hank



Hank has aided in developmental structure of some Lawson's original screen printing and digital imaging equipment. Hank, formerly Lawson's Service Manager, now specializes in CTS applications.

Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Michelle


Equipment Processing & Purchasing

Jamie is the gal to talk to about your equipment order. Full of smiles, but gets down to business, Jamie is the perfect balance of friendly and straightforward customer service.

Fun Facts

  • She loves cats
  • She reads and paints in her free time
  • Her favorite movies are horror movies
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Anne


Accounts Receivable

Anne is Lawson's accounting manager. Hopefully you won't have to talk to too often...but Anne is the person to help research invoicing issues, can prepare statements and more to assist you.

Fun Facts

  • Loves outdoors, nature and gardening.
  • Best vacation spot is Seattle.
  • First car was a Ford Pinto.
Thumbnail Photo of Lawson employee, Jeff


Accounts Payable

Jeff has been at Lawson for over 30 years. Jeff makes sure all our bills are paid in a timely manner.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite actor is Clint Eastwood
  • Is a weekend golfer, along with his wife.
  • Likes: creative writing. Jeff is always working on his next novel
Photo of Lawson employee, Chase


Graphic Designer

Chase is a graphic designer, with experience in publication and advertising. He helps put together ads and web graphics for Lawson. When he's not designing, you can find him looking up the next biggest design trend.

Fun Facts

  • He plays piano
  • Was a collegiate cheerleader
  • He loves his three dogs: Jace (Jay-Z), (Notorious) D.O.G., and Duke.
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