Technical Support FAQ

Q. Does Lawson sell Supplies, in addition to equipment?

A. Yes, we have a comprehensive supply selection. Lawson sells ink, mesh, Ulano emulsion, pre-stretched frames, wood, aluminum and retensionable frames, squeegees, ink spatulas, screen filler, tape, art supplies, books, training videos and much more. To see more of our supplies look at our eStore

Q. Are your Supply Prices competitive?

A. Yes, check us out and give us a chance. In addition to quantity pricing, we also offer contract and special combo pricing. In most cases, we are less expensive than our competition.

Q. Do I need to add a Catalyst if my garment contains only 5% Nylon?

A. No, catalyst should not be necessary. Just make sure you use a sharp squeegee and get good penetration.

FAQ Pre-Press

Q. Do you sell a "pre-registration system" for both manual and automatic presses?

A. Yes, the Lawson SSR System is a fast, easy-to-use system that aligns your artwork, multi-color screens and speeds on-press registration. And it's affordable too!


Q. Does Lawson sell textile, graphic and UV inks?

A. Yes, we sell and stock all three types of ink at each of our Super Centers in St. Louis and Atlanta.

Q. Does Lawson sell Phalthate Free plastisol ink?

A. Yes. In fact, most of the Multi-Tech series of plastisol ink is now Phalthate Free.

FAQ Equipment

Q. Do you design and build custom equipment?

A. Yes, Lawson has been manufacturing all types of screen printing equipment since 1949. In addition to our standard equipment, we can easily modify presses, dryers, exposure units or our auxiliary equipment to best suit your needs. We also offer complete design and engineering services for specialized applications.

Q. Do you have special Package Deals on Equipment?

A. Yes, we have very special pricing on combo equipment orders and shop set-up packages.

Q. Do you sell Dryer Belts?

A. Yes, we stock many popular sizes. In addition, we custom cut and sew belts for all brands of conveyor dryers. We offer quick delivery too. And we won't be under sold!

Q. Do you have a Trade-In, Trade-Up Program?

A. Yes, we have a guaranteed buy-back program on Lawson equipment for up to 10 years and also accept trade-ins on other brands as well.

Q. Do you sell any used equipment?

A. Yes...check out our Used Equipment listing on our web site.

Q. What's the difference between the Lawson Mustang and Seneca Presses?

A. The Mustang is an all mechanical flat-bed press (no air required) designed for the smaller print area. The Mustang 14 has a special feature that allows the table to be lowered approximately 6" for printing 3-D items. The Mustang 22 & 25 models can lower the table approx. 2" - 3".

The Seneca offers a larger format print area, is belt driven (vs crank-arm on the Mustang), includes a Squeegeelizer, the Load-Leveler, dial-indicator peel settings, roller glide registering table, dial-indicators for the registering table and a space-saving footprint.

a) Dial-Indicators are standard on the registering table;b) Auto-Flood Capability -- home position can be a flood position...if desired. Ideal for hot solvent inks, water-based systems and special applications;c) Sliding Stroke Sensors adjust stroke length (vs mechanical/predetermined system on the Apache)d) The "step-back" feature is standard on the Seneca and is not available on the Mustang.

FAQ Service/Parts

Q. How can I schedule a Service Technician to visit my shop?

A. It's easy, just call 314-382-9300 and ask for David. Be sure to call early, so you can schedule a convenient time that fits your time schedule.

Q. Can I return parts?

A. No electrical parts or custom/special order parts may not be returned. Other parts may be returned with a 25% - 35% restocking fee.

Q. Does Lawson have an Extended Service Program Available?

A. Yes, call, or e-mail us for our Extended Warranty & Service information.

Call: 314-382-9300E-Mail: Contact Us

Q. What is your 24 hour Service Hot-Line number?

A. 24 hour Emergency Service Hot Line is available for Lawson equipment customers. Call 314-382-9865 and press option #6. This is a pager. Enter your area code and phone number and a technician will call you back as soon as available - most calls are returned within 1 hour of the initial page.

FAQ General/Miscellaneous

Q. Is there a Lawson Authorized Dealer in my area?

A. Give David a call at 314-382-9300 and ask. We have authorized dealers strategically located throughout the country -- L.A., Dallas, Salt Lake City, Miami, Utica, New Orleans, and Cincinnati. Lawson Super Centers are located in St. Louis and Atlanta. In addition, Lawson Satellite Offices are located in Richmond, VA, Birmingham, AL. and Boston, MA.

Q. How do I get to your office? Do you have easy directions?

A. Check our Contact Us for easy driving directions.

Q. What is the schedule for Textile Tech Classes?

A. Check out our complete listing of screen printing and digital printing classes and schedules, found at Training Classes.

Q. Do you offer Free Training?

A. Yes, free screen printing training is offered with the purchase of equipment or a screen printing shop set-up package.

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