Testimonials from Lawson Customers

Our customers love our products and have submitted testimonials for you to read.

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Customer Service Testimonials

Mark Kempker - MVE Clothing Factory

"We are in our second year of screen printing and all has been going very well. I would highly recommend the people at Lawson Screen & Digital Products Inc. They have been, and remain a very helpful source in our start up and supply support from the beginning. Brian is my “go-to guy” but all the staff at Lawson have been wonderful to work with these past two years."

Mark Kempker Jefferson, MO

Creative IMPACT

Creative IMPACT traveled all the way from Evansdale, IA for our digital screen printing class. This is what they had to say.

Thanks for allowing us to visit your shop for some training. The small adjustments you guys shared with us has made a huge difference in our print quality. I think this will enable us to use far less pre-treat and white ink and yet produce a superior product.


Steve Wachal Creative IMPACT Company, LLC

Brenda Flowers - ThreadWorks1 LLC

"We have really been impressed with everyone we have dealt with at Lawson.  Your demo at KC DAX is the reason we purchased this printer, and the reason we purchased from Lawson.  Your professionalism and customer service have been great.  Unfortunately, some companies don't offer that any more."

Brenda FlowersThreadWorks1 LLCChanute, KS

AC Custom Apparel

"Just wanted to say 'Thanks' to all of you at Lawson, and we really appreciate all of the service we've gotten: from going to your initial screen printing class, to the service we've gotten, and the products.

It was a really big part of us being able to start our business and be successful, and we really appreciate the relationship with everybody there.

Keep up the good work!"

Chris MeeksAC Custom ApparelJoplin, MO

Brittany, Summer - Culture Flock - Springfield, MO

"Hey, we just wanted to thank all of you helpful people at Lawson! You've really made a difference in us getting our business started, answering all of our questions and going above and beyond when we needed help and customer service. We really appreciate all of you help!

Thanks Lawson!"

Brittany & SummerCulture Flock ClothingSpringfield, MO

Jim Galovski - Sick Puppy - St Louis

"Outstanding business! They have all the things that you need; supplies, equipment, everything! The staff is wonderful. Kim McKenry, my salesperson, is great!

Not only do they have everything you need, but they also have the answers to all of your questions."

Jim Galovski Sick Puppy Custom GraphicsSaint Louis, MO

Beverly Crockarell - Stewart County Screen Printing

"Just wanted to say "Thank You" to Steve in Technical support. You're the best!

Awesome customer service.....one of the main reasons I chose (and will continue) to use ONLY Lawson equipment in my shop!

Owe ya an Imo's next time we're in town! Again, thanks for helping and talking Hugh through our Hot Shot flash situation!"

Beverly Crockarell Stewart County Screen Printing

Bill Herman

"I would like to take a minute to thank Lawson. I went to their silkscreen class last weekend and I will say it was well worth the money. I highly recommend this class to a person getting started, the teacher Glen is awesome he has a ton of knowledge. I myself took in a ton of it from him. I have purchased supplies from other companies but I did not get the service like I did from Lawson. I had a problem burning my screens Glen drove all the way from St Louis to Riverton, IL to help me solve it. Thanks a ton again Glen! No other company has the service like Lawson."

Bill Herman

Mike Skinner - Kranos Corporation

"I wish to send a shout out to the Lawson group for keeping the deliveryschedule on track!

Our training sessions went well as we have been applying the learned tasksfor the last couple of days. We were rushing around to complete the final connections but it all cametogether well, we are continuing to developing process locations withadditional tables or stands.

Our CEO toured through the new department yesterday and was very pleasedthat the equipment was operational by the due date and that we were makingproduct. His only concern was to improve our ventilation as the operatorswere using the press wash which smells a little strong.

Please know that we will surely be in touch with additional questions orconcerns.

I wish to thank you all again for the on time delivery and your continuedsupport."

Mike SkinnerKranos Corporation DBALitchfield , IL

Brian & Tami - Git-R-Done Graph-X - Staunton , IL

"Well it seems like you can go anywhere on the Internet to find just about anything these days. I decided to do some research on screen printing and sublimation. I already planned to buy locally since I wanted to be able to justify customer service when I had a problem or questions regarding the equipment I wanted to purchase. I set out one day to visit 3 different companies in the St. Louis area to see what they had to offer. I had reviewed many of the products on the Internet and looked at pricing. My first stop was Lawson SP. Now keep in mind I did not call them first to tell them I was coming, I did not tell them I was coming. Walked right in when I got there, and talked to Andy. He was super professional and sold me on a sublimation package. I excitidly took my package home and got it up and running on the same day. Sublimation has become such an imprtant part to my store. Glen was super helpful also, and we will continue our business with Lawson"

-Brian and Tami Git-R-Done Graph-X Staunton, IL

Tim Maudlin - Ordinary Store, Inc.

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my wife and I value the support we get from Glen. I am working two jobs as we try to grow our screen printing business.

Typically I don't get around to screen printing until the evenings or weekends. And that's when I have a need for a quick answer to something that just came up. There have been several occasions where I have called Glen and gotten the answer and was back up and running in no time.

This kind of service is invaluable to us and really fosters a great relationship with your company. My wife has also talked a lot with Kelly and she has offered some very helpful suggestions. All in all, we are very happy with our decision to use Lawson for our screen printing needs."

Tim MaudlinOrdinary Store, Inc.

Kyle Woodall - Machine Gun Graphics

"Thanks for all the help you've given today to make this happen so quickly.  One thing I appreciate is great customer service and you guys at Lawson sure have that, which puts you leaps and bounds ahead of the other guys."

Purchased a 4872 LED-5000 Exposure Unit.

Kyle Woodall - MachineGunGraphics Salem, NC

Student Testimonials

Jennifer Shehane - Shehane Manetta, GA

"Great class for a beginner like me; I loved printing with four colors!"

Lynn Walker - Jacksonville, FL

"It was all great! Excellent training and I loved the hands-on experience."

Ryan Eckstein - Round Rock, TX

"I thought the pace was good and all areas were covered with time for questions.  Dosia was great; she had practical real world answers for all questions."

Zachary Mabus - Springfield, IL

"Everything I wanted to know, I learned.  The knowledge given by Glen, Wayne and Hank was unmatchable!"

Cassandra Lester - Grove, GA

"This class was worth what I paid.  I really enjoyed the class and the small class setting."

Dave Baer - Gratiot, MI

Todd Keffer - Man, WV

"Looking forward to getting my own business started.  The Textile Tech course is very encouraging!"

Verna Lee - Stroudsburg, PA

"Ms. O'Quinn was very patient, humerous, cooperative and, more importantly, informative."

Cory Yeager - Edwardsville, IL

"Great class and instructors. I learned alot!"

Teresa Coffman - Fenton, MO

"I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the trainers Glen & Hank.  Thanks!"

Lawson Testimonials

Multi-Tech Ink

"The new polyester plastisol inks we tested from Lawson worked extremely well on some difficult materials. We printed through a 110 mesh. The sheer and coverage was excellent. The opacity held up even when we over cured. I really appreciate all the courteous and helpful staff at Lawson."

Dave PassaniseMaestro Screen Printing - Saint Louis, MO