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Shirt Lab at T Rex feature

Shirt Lab featured a special presentation in St. Louis, MO to help local shop owners.

How to Grow Your Screen Printing Business with Email Marketing, Facebook & Video Branding: Learnings from Shirt Lab St. Louis

Lawson Screen & Digital Products was happy to host Shirt Lab in St. Louis, presenting screen printers with learning opportunities about how to grow their screen printing business, get new customers and increase sales. Held on Saturday, March 16, 2019, Shirt Lab featured live demonstrations, interactive presentations and a panel discussion. The purpose behind each presentation is to help shop owners learn best practices for driving more screen print sales and how to build sustained growth for their screen print shop.

Grow Your Business with Branded Video Content

The majority of the speakers have background of working in the screen printing industry. Top of the conversation was branding and videos. Presentations included best practices for screen printing shops to create branding videos. Customers want to know more about their screen printers and what “makes them tick.” Being able to explain your screen print shop’s brand and the “why and purpose” behind what you do in a concise video creates lifelong customers.

Use Digital Marketing to Increase Sales

The experts shared the latest strategies for digital marketing that screen printers can use to boost their sales. One of the most discussed was Facebook. Using Facebook’s paid ads, posting in related groups and maximizing the use of Facebook messenger, screen printers can grow sales by reaching out directly to the customers. There are now automated techniques for implementation that are beginning to rival that of email marketing.

Having Shirt Lab in St. Louis was a fantastic experience. Lawson was proud to help put on this interactive forum so screen printers could learn how to increase sales through video and online marketing. Cheers to those who joined us. Read more about How to Start a Screen Printing Business, get the best Screen Printing Start Up Kits, and free shipping on screen printing supplies and digital t-shirt printing materials with Lawson Screen and Digital Products.

Preview of the Shirt Lab Conference

Shirt Lab Screen Printing Business Conference

Shirt Lab garment printing experts

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Shirt Lab Speaker

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