Find Your Inner Voice: Kind is The New Pretty

Inner Voice Screen Print 1200x630

How one company's brand is leaving their mark on society, and how you can follow in their steps.

Your Inner Voice Shirt - Changing the world, one screen printed shirt at a time

I read somewhere that what you say to your child becomes their inner voice. This resonated with me, as I navigate the roller coaster of parenting a pre-teen daughter. I could not image that a shirt would be the inspiration we found -- our inner voice shirt.

This summer we visited Universal Studios. Specifically, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and we found an inner voice message in the oddest of places. Standing with us in the hour long thrill ride line for Gringotts Castle (a virtual roller coaster), was a woman wearing a printed t-shirt. The shirt was simple, black with white screen printed lettering. It said Kind is the New Pretty. I pointed it out to my daughter and her friend and you could see the pause as they processed the message. Now this is the inner voice I want my daughter to hear!

InnerVoiceThe shirt and message Kind is the New Pretty came up again in the car on the way home. Ok, I had brought it up! We googled where to get the shirt, I was mentally buying a case. I figure we can get through middle school one girl at a time with this mantra! We found that Target is the genius behind this new t-shirt for girls. They have teamed up with Compassion Brands for an anti-bullying line of shirts. These shirts include positive messages like "Kindness is my Jam" and "Be Someone's Sunshine". Inspired by a t-shirt she saw at a crowded amusement park, my tween created a b-day take-away gift with Kind is the New Pretty as her graphic. She starts a new school next week and maybe just maybe, one screen printed t-shirt message at a time, the girls will know that to be Pretty you must first be KIND!

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