New Screen Printing Supplies Label

New ScreenPrinting Chemical Label Design

Over the past several months, our in-house marketing team has been updating the Lawson brand.

New and Improved Screen Printing Cleaning Supplies

We are excited to reveal the updated label design for our line of screen printing cleaning chemicals and solvents. You can see these new changes applied throughout our website and all promotional materials. Furthermore, these new labels are a good representation of the new style of Lawson...contemporary, clean, simplistic! Now you can find these new labels on all of your screen printing cleaning supplies. As a result, Lawson has a more consistent and contemporary look. You can see these new changes applied throughout our website!

Overall screen printing can be messy. However we have a full line of supplies to support your screen printing business. From pre-press solvents to on-press cleaning chemicals, our line of screen printing supplies are formulated to offer an affordable product that performs. If your shop needs something that we don't have, contact us and we will do everything it takes to accommodate your screen and digital needs.

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