The Old Made New: Trade-In Edition

GT Jerseys Old made New Screen Printing Trade In

GT Jerseys utilized Lawson's Trade In-Trade Up program to upgrade their screen printing machine.


Optimized Mini Trooper XL Trade inGT Jerseys spent a day learning to use their new silk screen equipment. Read more about GT Jerseys experience working with Lawson Screen and Digital Products. Ginny and her son, Pete, from GT Jerseys, located in Troy, MI, visited Lawson Screen and Digital Products. GT Jerseys originally met Ben at a trade show and was sold on his salesmanship. In fact, during the time they had met Ben, they were debating doing business with a competitor, but was so won over by Ben that they had chosen to do business with Lawson Screen & Digital Products instead. Now GT Jerseys is now a loyal customer for over 15 years.

Recently, Ginny and Pete traveled to St. Louis, MO to do business with Lawson Screen & Digital Products. Ginny and Pete were taking advantage of the Lawson Trade In-Trade Up Program. They were trading in their 7 year old Mini-Trooper XL for a Trooper PC, which is a much bigger machine. Ginny states that since their business is growing, and more of their customer demands are higher. For instance, the customers have print jobs that require more color stations, and their shirt volume is higher, so a faster printing machine will be helpful.


Optimized Trooper PC final touchesThe Trade In-Trade Up Program allows you to use your old Lawson equipment as credit or a down payment when you Trade In-Trade Up to a new Lawson machine. Therefore, Ginny was able to use her old Mini-Trooper XL as a down payment towards her new Trooper PC. Lawson is always glad to help a shop succeed and are proud to hear GT Jersey's business is flourishing. We wish GT Jerseys the best of luck and look forward to continue doing business with them.To read more about how our Trade In-Trade Up program works, please read our Screen Printing Equipment Trade In-Trade Up Program Blog.

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