Lawson Inkjet Film Tips

Lawson INKJET FILM is designed to be printed on one side so always make sure you're printing on the dull side of the film. Inkjet ink does not air dry so it needs to be absorbed in a special coating on only one side of the film. To test which side has the coating, wet two finger tips and pinch the film. Your finger will stick slightly to the coated side.

Fingerprints can damage the surface of inkjet film and spoil your images. When you handle inkjet film, remember to hold the sheets by the edges and try to avoid touching the printable surface. Protect your positives from damage by keeping them in your original package until you want to make your positive.

Postscript control software or "RIP"

Inkjet Back Light Film - Printer Properties Inkjets can't make halftone dots or blends without a RIP (raster image processor). Inkjets are designed to simulate photographs so they spray ink and can't make the hard edges of screen printing halftones with out extra Postscript controls. A software Postscript control emulator or "RIP" will make the image areas darker (to stop UV light for making screens) and will allow you to control the size, angle and shape of your halftone dots with your computer program.

Ink Jet Back Light Film Setting

Use the Ink Jet Back Light Film media setting when printing with a standard inkjet driver and not a software Postscript emulator or "RIP" Print at 1440 dpi to get most image density. The Ink Jet Back Light Film setting will reverse the image, so you must take steps to reverse (or mirror) the image in your software so the final image on the positive is right-reading.

Not Waterproof

Your image on regular Lawson inkjet film is not waterproof. Do not get water on the imaged film. Inkjet film has a special coating on one side (dull side) that absorbs the ink deposit. If you have high humidity and plan to store imaged films, place a protective paper sheet between them or spray them with an Artists Fixative to seal the image and make it water resistant. If water or humidity is causing your inkjet image to run or blur, try Lawson Waterproof Inkjet Film. We have found that the cost of water proof film as insurance is more expensive than just printing a replacement on demand with standard inkjet coated film. Keep out of the rain and pressure washer spray.

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