Aluminum Screen / Frame Tips & Tricks

Spraying with the pressure washer near the edge
1. Do not use too much force with a scrub brush or high-pressure spray near the edge of the frame. Excessive pressure puts too much force on the glue holding the mesh to the frame and frequently causes delamination of the mesh.


Applying Solvent Resist Tape
2. Use tape to protect the crack between the mesh and frame. Solvent-Resistant Tape is more durable than disposable tape…it is especially beneficial if you are going to keep the frame/image

Solvent Resistant Cloth Tape (#400-201-1-RL)

Blue Polyethylene Tape (#400-200-2-RL)


3. Keep the squeegee away from the inside of the frame where the mesh can not flex and stretch. The “ideal” squeegee length is 2” larger than your print area.


4. Do not allow harsh chemicals to soak the frame and glue.


Glue Mesh Crack
5. For additional protection, apply a bead of mesh adhesive on the inside of the frame where the frame meets the mesh.

RMA 3000 Frame Glue (#200-510-1)


6. Excessive exposure to heat can cause delamination of the mesh.

Do not “over dry” the screen in a “dry box” and never expose a screen to temperatures over 105°F.