How to Change Screen Printing Plastisol Ink Colors While Printing


This video tutorial will show you how to change plastisol ink colors while staying on your screen printing press.

At some point or another in a screen printer's career, they find themselves doing a multi-color print job. Hopefully you haven't been using a hard and long drawn-out process to make the color change. If you have, don't worry, we cover an alternative solution that will show you how to quickly and easily change colors with the simple use of a press wash.

Color changes happen all the time in production. Instead of making two screens, we have a solution that will have you needing only one screen printing mesh frame. This will save you time, money, and silk screen supplies.

First, we advise starting with your lightest color t-shirt ink and then switching to the darkest color. In this video we demonstrate using Fluorescent Red and Solar Blue from the Dynamic Ink Series.

Once you are done printing with your first color, use an Ultimate Card to scoop as much plastisol ink out of the screen that you can. You can put this ink back in with the rest of the same color ink to reuse again.

Next, use a Screen Print T-Shirt Test Tube on your platen to protect your platen, put the screen frame down. Take your press wash and spray the mesh screen. Use a squeegee to get the press wash in the screen and to help rub the ink out of the screen. If needed, you can use more press wash. It is alright if there is a little bit of ink left on the screen, it will not affect the next print.

Now pour the next color ink in the screen, and there, you are ready to continue printing. Following these steps in in your production will help you save time and money.

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