How to Dry Screen Printing Emulsion Coated Screens

How to Dry Screen Printing Emulsion Coated Screens


Learn how to properly dry your frames that are already coated with liquid screen printing emulsion. This step is crucial to get correct in order to avoid problems on press.

When in your screen room, you should filter UV light. If UV light reaches a silk screen emulsion coated frame, exposing will start to occur.

Make sure to keep all lint and dust particles off your screen printing mesh frame, as this will cause pin holes and ink spots to ruin your garments. The best ways to avoid getting debris on your silk screen are to use a closed screen drying cabinet, or the less expensive solution is to use a screen rack. Also a reminder to wipe down surfaces that collect dust.

The temperature in your screen room plays an important role too. Ideally keep the temperature between 70 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit with a low humidity. Including fans to circulate air will also help dry your frames faster.

The Lawson Pro-Cure is a fantastic screen printing machine that can help do all those things mentioned already. The Pro-Cure is a rack drying cabinet that can control temperature, humidity, and timing. It is the best screen printing frame drying machine.

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