The Graphtec CE5000 Series Cutter


  • This informative video goes over all of the many features of the Graphtec CE5000 series cutters.

  • "Graphtec of America, the leading manufacturer of high performance cutters, presents the CE5000 cutting series. Perfect for startup and small sign graphic shops. This series incorporates many great features, including Graphtec's advanced registration mark system or "ARMS," a superior feature that is typically available only with a higher-end cutting plotter. On the job, the CE5000 series offers real advantages over other brands of cutting plotters. With a faster cutting speed and higher cutting force, you'll have the flexibility to handle a wide range of materials such as vinyl, light reflective vinyl, heat transfer, sandblast rubber, rhinestone template material, etching material and others. The two megabyte buffer can easily hold any job, freeing up your computer to be even more productive.

    Noteworthy features include and easy-to-use navigation system. Eight user conditions facilitate instantaneous recall of cutting presets that are programmed for specific materials, each condition ensuring the best setting for each type of material you may be cutting. This keeps the cutting consistent, eliminating the need for adjustment each time a job is started. To save media waste, the control panel has position arrow keys enabling you to move the cutting head to new positions allowing it to start in an area that has not been cut.

    Graphtec's proprietary Smart Feed, a system, where the material is automatically pre-fed, and a precisely-crafted media supply system, which is integrated as part of the rugged floor stand, contributes to better tracking for your longer length and repetitive jobs. The CE 5000 carries advanced features such as tangential control mode for clean accurate cuts when cutting thicker materials or even delicate graphics with sharp corners. Blade-wear monitoring will allow you to keep track of your blade usage as well as other features that will enhance your production. With a 25 pin RS232 and a high speed USB 2.0 control interface the CE 5000 is not only compatible with the latest PCs and software available now, but older legacy computer systems as well.

    As with all Graphtec cutters, the blades are of Tungsten Carbide, giving longer blade life as well. The advanced blade design enhances the ability to cut intricate designs including letters as small as one-eighth of an inch depending on the font. Each unit sold comes with an easy-to-use ROBOMaster Pro design software program with its superb auto-tracing, and for those who prefer to work in Adobe Illustrator of CorelDRAW, a completely re-designed Cutting Master 2 plugin for the latest versions of CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator for both Windows and Mac.

    With its automatic registration mark system, or ARMS, making print and cut detail has never been easier by simply including graphic registration marks within the software that you're using, which is usually an automatic step for most of the graphic software on the market today, and then printing the job with the registration marks. Once the printing is complete, take the print and place it in the cutter. Here, loading is easily done by aligning the two front marks as close as possible to the cutting channel. Then, move the tool to the first registration mark, and then finally sending the contour to the cutter, where it immediately looks for the registration marks, and then makes the cut. Making details has never been so easy.

    The new ARMS system detects the registration marks not only on the four corners of the pre-printed image, but can detect them on the sides of the pre-printed images, compensating not only for the material expansion and contraction, both width and height, but also compensates for any skewing that occurs in the center section of the print during the printing process. It's these side registration marks that give the CE5000 the advantage for greater contour cutting accuracy on longer pre-printed images. This now ensures that the seemingly complex long contour cutting operation is no longer an operation that you have to struggle with.

    Another intelligent ARMS feature is where the sensor will automatically search for the first registration mark. These features make the CE5000 print and cut operation undeniably unsurpassed accuracy, reliability, and user friendliness for the most difficult contour cutting applications.

    The CE5000 comes in three models. The CE5000-40, a 15-inch cutter with a speed of 24 inches per second and a down force of 300 grams, this cutter is great for making vinyl signs, heat transfers for t-shirts and sports apparel, and for producing rhinestone patters for dressing up garments. Companies that need to produce quick signs or decals for their businesses will find the CE-5000-40 just perfect for those applications as well. The CE5000-60, a 24-inch cutter with a speed of 24 inches per second and a down force of 300 grams, has all the features that the CE5000-40 carries enabling it to cut materials from vinyl, on up to light sandblast and light reflective. The CE5000-120 is a wider 48-inch cutter that has a speed of 40 inches per second, and a higher 450 grams of down force pressure, enabling you to cut thicker materials such as sandblast and light reflective with the added feature of producing larger graphics. Both the CE5000-60 and the 120 come with stands with optional baskets available.

    Learning the CE5000 is made simple with the supplied training video. This DVD will give you a simple step-by-step instruction to every facet of the cutter. Afraid of issues? Not with a Graphtec warranty! Each CE5000 comes with a 1 year standard warranty, but can easily be extended to 2 years just by registering your cutter within 30 days of purchase. Also, extended service programs beyond 2 years are offered by Graphtec including on-site.

    With the fundamental Graphtec architecture embodied in the CE5000 series, sharing features that are only found in Graphtec's higher-end products, makes the CE5000 a high-caliber cutting device. Combine this with its low price makes this cutter a protected investment for any sign business. It makes Graphtec quality and reliability within reach of any customer, regardless of their budget."