How to Use the Lawson Epson DTG Platens Without a Hoop


Lawson has designed platens to go on the Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer. The only design difference from the standard Epson platens for the Epson F2100, is the hoop.

Lawson manufactures different sized platens, and in this video we demonstrate how you can print without the hoop on any size platen you have. This technique calls for double-sided, or double-faced, tape. The tape can be purchased at your local art store, or Walmart.

Simply apply a few tape strips onto the platen. Don't over use the tape, you only need enough to hold the garment into place while DTG printing. Load your t-shirt like any other time, smooth out the garment and you are ready to direct-to-garment print.
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