Loading A Shirt Onto An Epson F2100 DTG Printer Sleeve Platen


For more information call 314-382-9300 or email us at info@golawson.comThis direct-to-garment video tutorial will help take your t-shirt printing skills to a new level. Watch as Taylor demonstrates how to load a long sleeve shirt onto a Lawson Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer Sleeve Platen.

Depending on preference, you can put the platen on the machine with it opening toward the Epson F2100 printer, or away from the printer. This preference is based on how you do your artwork.

Next, lower the platen height down. Use double sided tape strips on the sleeve platen in order to keep the sleeve from moving while printing. You are now ready to load the shirt.

Typically we like to load the shirt through the neck, sliding it down through the desired sleeve. Place the extra shirt material to the side, select your art file on the printer. Finally, hit print.

*Note: run the white underbase first, then print color.

Once finished printing, lift the platen slightly, and lightly pull the sleeve off with the t-shirt. Remember to thoroughly dry on your heat press machine.