Screen Printing Plastisol Ink Preparation for Press


In this video, Lawson Screen & Digital Products covers the importance of screen printing plastisol ink preparation before you go to print.

You may have noticed a consistency difference in your screen printing ink during the Summer months compared to the Winter months. Since the temperature of your shop is most likely to be warmer in the Summer time, your plastisol ink will be creamier and easier to use. Whereas in the Winter months your shop tends to be colder causing stiffness in your silk screening ink.

By vigorously mixing and stirring prior to going to press will help achieve a smooth print. As you stir, the molecules in the ink heat up, which relaxes ink and it becomes creamier and pliable.

In this video, we demonstrate with our Dynamic Ink 1550 White - Low bleed plastisol ink. This ink is good for tri-blends, 50/50, and polyester fabrics. It cures at 270 degrees.

Here are some option and tool suggestions to stir your plastisol screen printing ink.

The first recommend option is to stir the ink with a stainless steel spatula . This process can be a little more time consuming, and take strength.

Paddle mixer, this easy to use attachment will take less time.

Professional Mixer, just secure bucket and hit start!

These tools will make printing easier, saves you time and money in the production phase!