Pro-Cure Roll-In Screen Printing Screen Dryer Demo


Watch this quick demonstration of the Lawson Pro-Cure Roll-In Screen Printing Screen Dryer in action.

Load your rolling screen drying rack with mesh screen frames waiting to be dried. Next, roll the rack into the Pro-Cure's drying closet and close the doors. Then easily set a timer on the control panel.

Increase your screen-making production and keep your screens clean and properly dried. This large thermo-air screen dryer accelerates screen drying by passing temperature-controlled air over and under the screen.

The warm air is pre-filtered and remains in constant motion to remove moisture, then evacuated through the bottom of the closet/chamber. Roll your emulsion-coated screens in and out with a "Roll-In Screen Rack," or design your own shelving system. One large, light-safe door is provided for easy access.

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