SBQ-1077 Emulsion for Plastisol & Waterbased Inks

SBQ-1077 Screen Printing Emulsion for Plastisol & Waterbased Inks


Lawson's SBQ-1077 photopolymer screen printing emulsion is all that you need in your garment printing shop.

Plastisol ink and water based ink call for different printing techniques. Luckily the SBQ-1077 can work on both inks, so there is no need to buy two different types of emulsion.

The Lawson SBQ-1077 does not require any special setup and is ready for use out of the bucket. Our experts have done extensive testing with this new emulsion/formulation, and have determined, "it's the smoothest coating emulsion with the best resolution, and fastest exposure ever seen."

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